The Latest Leak Suggests that Motorola Moto G (4th Gen) Will be the Biggest Upgrade to Motorola Moto G Phones

Post the takeover by Lenovo, there have been long question marks hanging over Motorola’s future. In fact, it was made clear earlier in the year that the Moto branding altogether will be ditched for the phones in the budget range and only be used for high-end flagship phones which sure shot will also ship with fingerprint scanners. However, it looks like Lenovo has decided to move the boundaries a bit as far as defining high-end phones go.

Huawei P9 Expected to be Launched on April 6th

Huawei had a wonderful ending to the year 2015, thanks to the success of the Huawei Nexus 6P. This thrust the brand into the limelight like never before putting enormous pressure on Huawei to follow up with a good product range. The spotlight currently shines brightest on the Huawei P9, which is expected to be the upcoming flagship device. According to @Evleaks on Twitter, the device will be launched on April 6th, which means the anticipation will last another good month or some.

Google Plans to Add a Layer of Social on Search

It what could well be one of the most interesting experiments to its Search functionality, Google plans to add a layer of Social on top of it. No, Google is not planning to integrate Google+ to Search but instead building a static layer, which would be non-interactive just on top of Search. To experiment this, Google is rolling out a feature where eminent personalities will be given their personal space to write or publish videos when someone searches for their name. Right now, Google is calling it Posts, though there could be a new name by the time this comes out.

Do Not Charge the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge When the Port is Wet

Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge amidst a lot of interest at MWC in Barcelona last month. The phone largely comes with the same design as the Galaxy S6, though the major differentiating factor is a slightly bigger size, a little more roundish design and a water and dust resistance out of the box. The phone is rated IP68, as a result of which you will be able to use the phone under water for about 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Will Come With QuickCharge 2.0 and not 3.0

If you are planning to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge, then we have some rather disappointing news for you. The device that is rocking the latest Snapdragon 820 chipset will not be coming with the latest QuickCharge 3.0 technology. Instead, Samsung has decided to only go with QuickCharge 2.0 technology, something that we have already seen on the devices that are using Snapdragon 810, like the Nexus 6P. 

WhatsApp Will end Support for BlackBerry 10 and Symbian by the end of 2016

If you are still rocking a good old BlackBerry or a Symbian device, this is the time to dump them and push yourself to get a new smartphone. Not for any other reason, but that WhatsApp will no longer be supported officially. This means, while the app will continue to run, there will be no updates nor will the new features come in. WhatsApp has announced that it is pulling support, not just from all BlackBerry phones but also the good old Symbian S60 among other older platforms.

Sony Pulls the Plug on the Iconic Xperia Z Series; There Will be no Xperia Z6

Sony has decided to kill one of the most iconic series in Android smartphones. With reports of a failing business and plans to perhaps fold away from the mobile business altogether, Sony has decided to do away with the Xperia Z series. The series that has seen several iconic phones like the Xperia Z1, Z3, Z5 and the Z3 Compact will no longer be updated as Sony has decided to pull the plug from the series. As a result, it is clear that there would be no Xperia Z6.

Twitter Announces a Fabric App to Keep Android Developers up to Date With Data Metrices

If you are an application developer, you sure must be going through sleepless nights thinking how is your application performing on the store. You are dead sure thinking what are the active users and if they are engaging with the application just the way you wanted them to or are they just not bothered? So far, to get this information you had to log on to your main machine and fire up Fabric, which is the company’s mobile development platform. 

Gionee Announces the S8 with a New Logo at MWC 2016

Gionee S8

Gionee has announced the Gionee S8 at MWC 2016. The phone features the new Gionee logo for the first time on a device, a rebranding work that has been in the pipeline for a while if our friends at Gionee are to be believed. The S8 is a narrow-body smartphone, being able to fit a mammoth 5.5-inch display in just 74.9 mm of width. Another innovation that Gionee mentioned about the device is a Loop antennae design, which basically means that instead of running in between the body, the antenna runs around the body and is painted to match the body color, giving you a feel that it’s a part of the construction.