10 Awesome Google Tricks You Should Know About

Google is by far and away the most popular website on the planet, and not just the search, there are various different services such as Gmail and Maps by Google that we use extensively by Google. yet, there is always a set of things that we do not know about Google or things that are fairly uncommon. So here we have cherry picked a few tricks you did not know about Google:

Google Tricks

1) You can reduce the amount of quoted text you send in an e-mail by highlighting the text that you wish to send before you hit the reply button. This way the rest of the text would not be sent and your mail would look a lot more organized.

2) There are a bunch of keyboard shortcuts that you can use too while using Gmail. These can be activated in the settings menu on the top right corner of the page and activate shortcuts. Some of the shortcuts can be found here.

3) You can also use different symbols other than the star to mark out E-Mails that are important for you. This can be done too by visiting the settings tab and from there you can find the stars and add in different stars and symbols into the in use tab to activate them This way you can segregate your mails even better.

4) You can sign out of your Gmail remotely in case you forgot to do it while working on your machine by logging into gmail from any computer, and at the bottom most section you will see your last session, if you click on details you can select all the devices where you have used Gmail of late and can sign out of the devices.

5) You can set an indicator for mails that were personally addressed to you and not the entire group by going to the settings and under general settings activating personal message indicators. This way if there are double arrows on a mail then it is directed to just you and not a group. Group mails are shown by a single arrow.

6) Gmail Offline for Chrome is a fantastic add on to your Chrome using which you can read, archieve and delete e-mails even though are not connected to the net. Obviously you would not get notified of new mails. you can download the extension here.

7) You can zoom into maps in case you wish to see the directions a little more closely by clicking on zoom and then dragging the scroller up to zoom into the region and see it up close. You can zoom out too similarly

8) If you have been using Google Drive extensively and are in a habit of editing your documents time and again on Drive like you would if you were writing a novel, and you wish to see the history of all the changes you have made in the document then you can just click on Revision History under the File heading in Drive.

9) You can now attach any file that is located in your Google Drive account by simply clicking on the Drive icon while composing a new mail in Gmail. This obviously means that you c an attach files much larger than the old 20 MB limit from your Drive in Gmail.

10) You can also access Google Drive shortcuts by clicking in the settings tab at the top when in Google Drive. These are fairly similar to the shortcuts in Gmail.

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