10 Awesome Sites To Watch TV Shows For Free

by Arpit Verma on July 24, 2010

With the improvement in technology, many things are possible now which are not possible in the past. In past people used to watch TV on their TV sets. But the things have been changing now and one can watch TV shows on their computer anytime they want. This is possible with high speed internet connection.

There is no time constraint and no barriers exist on the internet. You can watch the shows anytime you want.  There are some sites also offer you to download videos so that you can watch them offline too. This article talks about 10 such awesome websites that lets you watch TV shows anytime you want and offers great picture quality. These sites are free to use and no signup is required to use.

1. Picrap

Update: This site is currently not working.

Picrap is one of the most reliable site I found on an internet. There is no area limitation and you can watch videos in any country you want. The site hosts 1000s of videos. There are shows available like Lost, Gossip Girl, House, Dexter, Heroes and many more.


2. Hulu

Hulu is one of the most famous TV show website in the World. It hosts almost every TV shows. It delivers great video quality TV shows and the interface is so nice and simple to use. This site is restricted only for US users however there are some tricks exist to access it outside the US.


3. SideReel

SideReel is another nice website having collection of more than 500 TV shows. All the shows are arranged properly alphabetically. There is a SideReel pick section which features top TV shows.


4. ABC

ABC is a site which provides high quality videos . It hosts shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and more. The first thing you’ll notice by visiting website is its neat interface. This website is available for US visitors only.


5. Inturpo

Interpo is another nice site to watch TV shows free of cost. No sign up is required to play videos. Just play the video to watch it. There are many TV shows featured on the site.


6. TV-Video.Net

If you won’t find videos on the above mentioned site then visit TV-Videos.Net. You have to compromise with picture quality but there are many top shows available on the site including Heroes, Lost, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.


7. TV Shows7

TV Show 7 is another site to watch TV shows. Like TV-Videos.Net, the video quality is not so great. You can find all the top shows on this site. On the homepage, you’ll find several episodes with their thumbnail. Just click on it to browse your favorite episodes.


8. Project-Free TV

Project-Free TV is a site where you can find TV episodes as well as latest movies. You can download videos with the help of eMule. Available TV shows are True Blood, How I Met Your Mother, The big bang theory, The Simpsons, Gossip Girl and many more.


9 FreeTVOnline.com

FreeTVOnline is a one stop destination to find TV shows, movies, cartoons, documentaries, and Live TV. To watch the shows you are required to install free blinkx Remote Toolbar. It uses the world’s most advanced video search engine to access all the most popular and recent TV shows and films!


10. YouTube

Last but not the least, YouTube hosts plenty of TV shows videos. If you don’t find videos on the above mentioned websites then try this website. Users continuously upload video in various parts (I don’t know it is legal or not) but many times I enjoy watching old episodes (not only English TV shows but shows in local language). Remember old India classics like Byomkesh Bakshi and Dekh Bhai Dekh? You can search and watch them easily by using search box of YouTube.


These are some useful sites to watch TV shows and other videos online. Do you prefer anyone of the above mentioned sites to watch TV shows or you use any other site? Feel free to mention those sites in the comment section.

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