10 bad blogging habits you must avoid

Day to day blogging results in a habit which should not be good for our health and future. There are many blogging habits which must be avoided to become a better blogger.

1) Giving breaking news: Giving breaking news is not bad, but giving only breaking news on your blog is not a nice idea. It will result in loss of visitors from your blog, because if you are doing so, you have a direct competition with giant blogs like Techcrunch, Mashable and Readwriteweb. Try to make your blog post
distinguished from others.


2) Working late night: This is a real problem for full time bloggers. They love to work late night because no one is there to disturb them. They want to reach the targeted audiences of other countries like USA, UK etc. They got full bandwidth to work at night. They make strategies with a black coffee and work whole night. And they wake up at 12 O’clock noon. This irregular schedule would results in a crap day. It results in a late start of day and it might be possible that all the scheduled work become delayed. So working late night should be avoided. Avoid coffee or alcohol near your bed. Complete your work before going to a bed; don’t go to bed without dinner.

3) Spamming: Avoid spamming, don’t spread your link everywhere. Don’t try to be first commentator on every blog posts of a heavy traffic blog. Avoid replying each commentators of your blog.

4) Copy paste job: Some bloggers don’t mind copying other contents and paste it to their own blog, stop stealing other contents, always write original. Google bots are very intelligent, they caught every single activity on the blog post and if they found this type of activity going on’; they don’t mind to ban the whole website or degrading the result in search engine queries


5) Placing ads everywhere: This is a common mistake amongst bloggers. They think that they could fetch ads everywhere on a blog and they could get double money. There common thinking is “When I am getting 50$ per ad slot on my blog, then if I place 4 ads I will get 200$ from it”. This is an incorrect thinking; this will affect your SEO and revenue both.

6) Too much affiliate marketing: “This product is really awesome, I am using it since 1 year and me happy with it; please buy this product to make your life really easier”. Telling blog visitors daily these types of word make them bounce back from your blog. Try to minimize your affiliate marketing attempt to get blog visitors stick from your blog.

7) Irregular schedule: Blogging schedule should be proper, you should maintain your daily routine to work on internet and giving time to your friends and family. Also regular exercise, quick break from work, be in contact with friends (I am not talking about Twitter friends), weekend party, maintaining time table are a nice practice.


8 ) Doping: Now this is the worst part, irregular time schedule, mental pressure, absence of friends and family results in a doping behaviour. Many bloggers never mind smoking and drinking habit as a part of their life. Don’t make it a habit, it really sucks you.

9) Replying everyone’s comment: Commenting is a very necessary part of blogging, but spam commenting should be avoided. Also don’t reply everyone’s comment on your blog. Many bloggers often reply everyone comments to give them importance. It should be avoided.

10) Publishing without editing: Now I think this is the most important bad habit I’ve seen in bloggers. Their post is really awesome, but it consists of lots and lots of grammar and spelling mistake. Blog editing should be done after writing of an article. If you are playing both the role there should be gap of at least 1 hour after writing and editing of article. Copy your article on Microsoft Word and check the spelling and Grammar mistake. Use Windows Live writer for writing your article.

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  1. Haha….! you have pointed out quite many points. Bloggers always love to work late and have irregular timings. It is not easy to change these habits.

    • I don’t agree to all. He said that don’t try to leave your comment everywhere, but I think we should, but not on poor sites.

      We should also take the advantage of being 1st commenter, does he mean that we should wait for other comments and leave ours? 🙂 I know he does not meant that, but still we should try to be first. and this is not spam as well.

  2. is this post similar to your experience ? :d

    like you are very active in replying ur commentators and hey what about ads on your blog ?

  3. I am replying to this article at 11:00 PM [IST] almost 😉 we college students cant set a time to sit in internet. But you stated some really good points that care’s the blogger’s to provide more stable contents without affecting their health too..

    Cheers Bro !

  4. you are so very correct, working late surely helps, not only because there is no one to disturb but also because its peaceful, everything is so quiet, but on the other side i have really messed up my waking time, its not 12 yet but getting it back to 8 o’ clock is just so hard…

  5. Himanshu, Health problem is a very good thing you have pointed out. We should definitely avoid working late night. As far comments are concerned, I consider site visit (& revisit) more important than comments.

  6. Hey really touching points !

    But Himanshu, replying to every comment is a bad thing ?

    I used to greet first time commentators through replying and create debate or something like that by replying to controversial comments.. like opposing comments ! 🙂

    • @Pradeep Replying on those comments which contain queries and doubts; increase the value of an article but replying those comments which says “nice post, awesome post, well written article” doesn’t makes sense.

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  8. i agree with what you talk about giving breaking news.. 🙂

    i learn much from your article, must be distinguished.. thanks for the share.
    .-= neilhoja´s last blog ..Google Wave, Future of Computer? =-.

  9. That’s very correct. I have lately learnt that giving just news will not work. Also, I do follow Not replying to everyone’s comment. Only to those who are asking or have some suggestions.
    .-= Blogsolute´s last blog ..Microsoft Vine: Hands on Review : Inside Look =-.

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