10 Important Points To Make A Good Social Media Profile

User profile is a very important term in social media because people recognize you with the help of your profile. So don’t put any random information in your profile. Make a profile which attract people in the first glance. I saw many profiles which are either incomplete or filled with lots of unwanted things. Try to avoid these things in your profile. Here I am mentioning some important points you should take care of while making your profile.

social media profile

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1. Name : Mention your full name.

2. Age: You can mention your age, but not necessarily.

3. Interest: Mention your interest or passion

4. Hobby: Mention your one or two  hobbies

5. Education: Give detail of your education background. This gives idea of your studies and your ability to do work.

6. Occupation: Mention your current occupation. You can also mention previous occupations.

7. Geographic Location: Mention a location where you live.

8. Achievements: Mention your previous achievements and important work.

9. Avatar (or your photograph): Try to put a clean and clear photograph as your profile image.

10. Lifestyle: Related to your work. Are you workaholic, book reader, retired professional.

These are the 10 factors you should take care of while making your profile. Here I am giving an example of my profile.

Hello friends, I am Himanshu Yadav, 25 years old  B.Tech Graduate in Electronics & Communication. I am a full time professional Blogger from New Delhi, India. Blogging is my passion. I like writing articles on Technology, Blogging, Computer tricks etc. Apart from blogging I love watching movies and listening to music. I run a blog called Blogtechnika. My Twitter profile is @techim.

Social media profile is an important tool to connect yourself with other users. So always try to make your profile attractive. Don’t try to make it larger to read because people generally navigate away from large profile. Try to make it short and simple. Hope this guide is enough to teach you about making a good profile.

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    • I would advice you to check Twitter profiles of Pete Cashmore, Gina Trapani, Darren Rowse, Daniel Scooco, Jeremy Schoemaker to see how they make a great and short profile on Twitter.

  1. Awesome point. 🙂 I’m currently trying to brand my own name too (not the alias, Static) and have been trying to beef up my profile pages as much as possible. With the Internet so widely used nowadays, employers will certainly search your name up. What better than to save them some time and have your entire profile set and ready to show on a single page, rather than making them jump around multiple pages?

    By the way, just a question regarding the image you put with the post. Why is FriendFeed in the middle? :S
    .-= Static | ahnternet´s last blog ..How I Moved My WordPress To Another Host =-.

  2. Superb foundation of the progress of a profile and I think it can take a while to get your head around the different social networking sites and best use.

    But I also think it’s important for anyone to have a genuine feel for those sites. I love StumbleUpon for example, regardless of use for traffic driving or any other purpose, I just enjoy using it. As a result I’m a far better user on that medium than I am on Digg or Sphinn, because I’m not so keen on that immediate news style site.
    Excellent points!!!

    Try a variety of social networking sites, but acknowledge that you’re not (probably) going to be a long term power user on all of them. Choose the ones that you enjoy using and would be using even if you didn’t have anything you wanted to drive traffic to. I think they’ll become your staples.

  3. Very interesting point you mention. I see many people put useless information in their social profile, hope this article will help them.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Enable Image Preview Of EMF & WMF On Windows Vista & 7 Explorer =-.

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