10 killer tips to get more comments on every blog post

With immense pleasure I am announcing that Blogtechnika has been completed its 481 comment yesterday. It’s a 2 month old blog and in its first phase of life it has total 37 numbers of articles. So if we divide 481 by 37 it comes 13 comments per article. I think 13 comments per article are not so bad for a growing blog.So here I am going to tell you about the strategy I use to get the most number of comments on my blog.


1) Killer articles: There is no substitute of killer article, write the article with correct pace. If you deliver something different, visitor’s exposure becomes largest. It is obvious that each visitor never comment on a blog, so if the ratio is 1 comment per 25 visitors, in this way you can get 8 comments per 200 visits, which is enough for any new blog.Try to give attractive title to a post so that reader could attract towards your post.

2) Comment on other blogs: This is a killer strategy. I use to comment every where I can get. I give my potential time in reading others blog post and put some good and valuable comment. Note that Valuable comment is very necessary to attract visitors on your blog. It is obvious that the owner of a blog get visits your blog and make a comment, so this way you can make a relation with any blogger.

3) Ask your friends and family member to comment: Not finding too much visitors on your blog, no need to worry, it is very difficult to attract traffic for the blog in starting two months. Inform your friends (your school and college friends or any blogger friend) about your blog. Invite them to visit the blog and do some genuine comments. Note: It is not necessary that when there is a comment on a blog post then only anyone post comment, but sometimes it works.

4) Ask question at the end: Be conscious at the end of blog post. The last paragraph conclude  every blog post. And at the end of blog post, ask some question from the blog visitors. You can ask for any suggestion about anything or you can ask any help regarding any topic with your blog readers.

5) Interact with comments Try to reply all the comments on your blog. If the comment is short like “Nice post” or “Good post” or “I like the article”, try to make a single comment and reply all these comments stating “Thanks for your comments” followed by the name of commentators.

6) Don’t offer any comment form: Comment forms makes the process very complicated. It becomes very difficult for readers to register themselves on any service or fill some weird looking letters to put some comments. Note:Strangely I observed some new blog offers comment form or Captcha before making any comment on their blog post.

7) Use backtype WordPress plugin: If you are a wordpress user, you can use Backtype connect plugin. This plugin uses Backtype Connect to find conversations on other social media that’s related to your content and displays them inline or alongside the comments on your blog. I your article get tweeted or shared in any social media site like Digg,friendfeed, or Stumbleupon then it will show on a comment section.

8) Associate with readers: People love connection. I wrote an article before Goodbye Job: I am a full time Blogger now and 22 steps in a daily life of a professional blogger. This two post connects with life of almost every blogger. Every blogger in his life think about full-time blogging, so it is probable that reader can share his own view on an article. He can ask you a question, give his own suggestion or tell his own experience. Making a connection with reader is very necessary.

9) Use comment relish plugin: Comment relish is a Wordpres plugin that is used for sending an email to a person who comments on a blog and never comment before. This is a nice medium to interact with a person who comments first time on your blog.

10) Ask for comment at the end of the post: You should end your post in a  better sense. You can ask your blog readers to comment on the post to share their views. It is a nice way to interact with readers. If the reader love your post and have any confusion or suggestions on any point, then he may ask it on a comment section.

These are the tricks. Except 9th point I use every one to get more and more comments on my blog. Do you have any other tips? Feel free to share in a comment section. And yes I will be thankful to you for every comment you made here.

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    • I hate comment forms, but some comments for like Disqus are worth since we need to register only one time, but commentators need to know about this. I hate captcha powered comments as most of the times it brings a second attemt to comment on the post.

    • Not necessary that backtype brings traffic. It is only used to show discussion of the article in various social media sites. But it increase the number of comments on any blog and new visitor always impressed with the number of comments.

  1. Excellent tips. I definitely want to give backtype and comment relish a try on my site.

    Anyway, overall, time is my biggest enemy. It’s a constant balancing act between content and promotion for most bloggers. I’ve tended to lean toward content, sacrificing some promotion, which includes driving comments. Over the next several weeks, I’m going to try to reduce my posts by one per week and spend that time building better relationships and see how that works.

  2. Wow!

    Nice tips frnd, thanks for sharing…in fact i am looking for these type of answer. today i got the solution. thanks aagin 😉

  3. good tips on getting more comments.following these steps any blog can get huge comments.
    .-= Crazy blogger´s last blog ..How to Revive a Dead Notebook =-.

  4. very nice post
    hopes it will help a lot in future
    .-= Muhammad Qasim´s last blog ..Microsoft Released New Themes for Windows 7 =-.

  5. I never find time to comment on post but after reading your post, I will make a habit of commenting.

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