10 Must Have Windows 7 Tools For Power Users

Windows 7 is the latest and most advance OS by Microsoft. It is an impulsive reply by Windows team to those who regularly criticize Windows Vista, since its inception. With amazing features and the best UI till date (by Windows) it is one of the best OS present in the market.

There are some amazing applications available for Windows which boost the performance and makes you more productive. This article tells you about several such essential tools which are not only important but must have for affective computing. Here are they:

1. Antivirus: Antivirus application is very necessary for Windows computer to save it from sophisticated viruses and vulnerabilities. There are several players present in the market. Most of them are paid. But there are some awesome applications which comes free of cost.  Avast!, Microsoft Security Essentials, ESET NOD32 Antivirus, Avira, AVG are the best known free antivirus tools for Windows.


2. Browser: Though Windows7 comes with Internet Explorer 8 (it is lot better than its previous version). There are other browsers available such as Firefox and Google Chrome. They comes with the power of extensions, lots of useful features such as speed, security and simplicity. Other browsers you can use in Windows 7 are Opera and Safari.


3. Media Players: Windows 7 comes with Windows Media player which is no doubt one of the best media player in the industry. But it failed to play all kind of files, therefore, VLC media player is recommended. Apart from that you can also use other well known players like iTunes, Winamp, foobar2000, etc.


4. File backup and Sync: Want to backup and sync your files to use it anywhere across the World. I can bet on Dropbox, no other player can match its amazing features and speed. It comes with the power of addons. Other nice tools are SugarSync, Syncplicity, Windows Live FolderShare, and SyncToy 2.0.


5. IM Client: IM clients help you to keep you in touch with your friends and family members. There are several clients available for this purpose but I filtered out some of the well known multiple chat clients in which you can setup your multiple account in different platforms. For example Pidgin is a superb chat client in which you can also install plugins to boost its performance. Other well known players in this world are Digsby and Trillian.


6. Firewall: Many people think that having Antivirus in a computer makes our computer full fledged secure. But it is a myth. If you are connecting your computer to internet without having Firewall installed then get ready for the one sided attacks. In one sentence “Firewall is must for the security of computers”. There are many Firewall present but the best one is Comodo Firewall Pro which is a freeware. Other well known firewall are Windows Firewall (inbuilt), ESET Smart Security and ZoneAlarm.


7. Image Editing: Images are essential part of our life. Having Windows computer with a nice image editor enhances your photography and designing skill to the larger extent. Windows comes with  default Paint editor (having some really nice features) but it lacks many features what others can do. No doubt Adobe Photoshop is far away from everyone but there are some other nice tools which are not difficult to use and comes without any cost such as Picasa, GIMP, Paint.net.


8. Maintenance Tools: It is our habit to download, upload, delete files, installing new software, removing them, creating new files, and deleting them. Windows is capable and robust enough to handle these changes but it requires some workout time to time. There are tools available to perform the functions and mine favorite is CCleaner. It cleans temporary files, registry data, and lot more crap stuffs from your PC. It is fast and easy to use and promises smooth run and security to your computer. Other nice tool is Revo uninstaller which can uninstall any crap application without any hassle. Auslogics Disk Defrag, JkDefrag, Spybot-S&D are some other intelligent tools available.


9. File compression tool: Compression tools let you compress documents into a sinle archive or they are capable to open any already compressed document (ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, DEB, DMG, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MSI, NSIS, RAR, RPM, UDF, WIM, XAR). 7 Zip is one of the well known compression tool which is available free of cost. Other well known free tools are WinRAR (Shareware), IZArc (freeware) and PeaZip.


10. Other essential tools: If you are Twitter user then there is a killer desktop application known as Tweetdeck by which you can do lots of things on Twitter. If you don’t own Microsoft office then OpenOffice.org is a an open source program which offers Microsoft Office like features to create and edit documents. There are text editors like Notepad++, Vim, TextPad for creating and  managing to-do lists and writing codes. Evernote is an amazing free app for managing to-do list. Skype is a free app to video chat and making calls to friends. Snagit is a very nice tool to take screenshots and edit them later.


Those were the amazing tools to boost your Windows 7 experience. if I’ve missed out any important application then you can add them through your comments.

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  1. Nice list! Here’s my favorites in the categories above:

    1) Microsoft Security Essentials … awesome, free, fast, and lightweight
    2) Google Chrome … my current favorite browser, though I can’t wait for IE9 beta
    3) Windows Media Center or Zune for PC … which actually, Zune for PC is nice and beautiful (even though I don’t have a Zune device).
    4) Dropbox … hands down the best sync + online backup tool
    5) Pidgin or the new Live Messenger Beta
    6) I just stick with the Win7 built-in Firewall
    7) Live Photo Gallery Beta … photomerge and the panorama stitch is awesome. Otherwise, Photoshop Elements 8 or Paint.NET
    8) Revo Uninstaller, or just the Disk Cleanup tool in Win7 from time to time
    9) WinRAR or 7zip … I use both and they’re both equally great
    10) MetroTwit is the nicest Twitter client, especially since it incorporates the Windows Phone 7-style Metro theme so nicely, and because Long Zheng is such a great guy!

    Then, of course, Office (2007 or 2010) is great, and almost necessary for everything. Home and Student edition isn’t a bad price either. For video editing, Premiere Elements or Live Movie Maker. Then, eBook readers … Kindle for PC is awesome 🙂

  2. Nice list..:) I once installed Comodo firewall to make my computer secure instead I made an internet free computer 😀 I have an internet connection through Lan and it blocked every possible attempt I was trying to get the internet 🙂 Funny.

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