10 Reasons To Get Distracted From Your Blog

Blogging needs hard-work and concentration. There are lots of factors on which your work depends. You may get distracted from many reasons. You should avoid all the bad practices that distract you from your work. Here I am mentioning top reasons to distract yourself from your blog.


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Friends are precious for everyone. No one wants to lose friends because of blogging. But there should some synchronization between the time you give to your friends and your work . Give that much time that are necessary to build a strong relationship. Try to tell the importance of your work and try to convince them if you never found time for them. Never under-estimate them.


Family is more than your blog, so never under-estimate your family members. If you are a husband and a father also then it would better to give potential time to your family. But you should distinguish your family life and professional life. Try to work on an office instead of home. It will help to get you more and fixed time for your work and keep up a synchronization between your family life and professional life.


Television is my favorite distracting element. I never miss some programs on my television. But I easily get distracted from my work. Don’t put your television set on the same room you work. It will help you out. Try to see only limited programs. Try to check news from any news site on internet.  Rediff.com is a good source of current news.



Facebook is a great tool for social networking and marketing. But few people just stick to it because of its amazing applications. There are applications like crazy taxi or Mafia which can make people stick to Facebook. Don’t involve in any such activities which are not more than time wasters. Try to optimize your facebook work by just interaction with your fans and replying to comments. It’s a great idea to increase your profile visibility.


Twitter is a great distracting element direct inside the computer. People often tweet post. They want themselves to activate on Twitter all the time. This is a nice practice to gain potential followers. But this practice ruins your blog work. The main work on bogging is writing content, if you failed to produce any content then you can’t do too much with twitter also. Try Twitterfeed, Hootsuite or Socialoomph to automate your tweets.


Bad Health

Bad health ruins everything. It ruins and effect your whole work. Don’t treat your body as a machine. Try to give a proper rest to your body and mind while work on the computer. This statement is easily applied on any part-time blogger who love to do blogging as well as their job. They generally do more than 16 hours of work daily.

Irregular Diet

Irregular diet leads to many health related problems, which can ultimately distract you from your work. Always take a proper diet. Always do some exercise in morning to stay fit. “Health is wealth” Don’t ever forget this line.


Weekend is a party time for most of the people. I am not telling that going out for watching movies and meeting with friends is a bad habit. But try to do some work on weekend also so that you can make people realize that you are an active geek who works all the day. It will help to boost your online reputation.


Travel  not only distract you from your work but also affects your work. Always make a pre schedule of your travel plan and your work. Try to complete all your work on time. Try to schedule some post for future. Always take a data card along with you to get some instant access of internet.

Learning different skills

I am not telling that learning is an incorrect process while blogging. I am just saying that learning different skills like web designing, programming, Photoshop can easily distract you from your work. Try to make a goal first and always stick to it. If you want to become a designer then always learn designing and select a designing niche for your blog. Try to write about your designing experience on your blog.

These are some top distractions of any blogger. Remember that writing should be the top aim of any blogger. Remember first to generate content and all the things later. What is your distraction from your work? Feel free to express your views in a comment section.

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10 Responses

  1. It’s easy to get totally consumed by a blog. This time of year is a good reminder for what’s really important in life.

    That said, during the holiday last week, my blog had a nice sharp decline since I wasn’t doing nearly as much as I usually do!
    .-= Gabe | freebloghelp.com´s last blog ..Google Wave will change how we all communicate =-.

  2. i would like to add one Education is one of the major distraction. As i am engineering student and at present feeling this and it results me in loosing some relations and much more 😛
    .-= Vivek´s last blog ..Top 10 Disadvantage of Blogging =-.

  3. By internet addiction or blogging addiction so many peoples miss there social life,friend,travel,lack of concentration over studies etc
    Nice tip… 🙂

  4. Study shows that brain work the most effectively if it is single tasking. But unfortunately, we can’t make a perfect workspace to blog these days except we are living in an abandoned island. Moreover, these factors are inevitable and we can mostly avoid them, so why don’t we take advantage on them?
    For me, watching TV with paper and pen is a great time to brainstorm or find something new, fresh and in real life to write about.
    About music? It keeps my body moving in the morning so I’m not falling asleep anymore.
    Twitter? I always tweet while blogging, but not tweet continuously. I always tweet every 10 or 15 mins and keep time for my followers to RT. It’s kinda I’m a ninja: come, tweet and go in silence.
    .-= Phaoloo´s last blog ..How To Build A Remarkable Career In Computer Programming =-.

  5. i am suffering this distraction problem because of restlessness in my family….it is really hard to cope up with them
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..Going Through a Rough Patch in my Life =-.

  6. Yes I do agree blogging can be addictive. It can make you stop taking care of yourself and people around you.
    My education is a bit in danger because of blogging. I gave up hitting the gym after I felt I can make even more traffic to my blog.
    All not so good things 🙁
    .-= latestphonereviews´s last blog ..Logitec Bluetooth Earphones =-.

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