10 Things You Should Know About New Chrome OS

The newly launched Chrome OS comes with many extraordinary features. It is an attempt to bring people to experience web computing. No software installation required, no desktop environment. Everything you will do is in the cloud. There are plenty of features comes in the OS which you surely hadn’t heard about. Let’s take a look at the features.

1. Less boot time

Boot time of Chrome notebook is 10 seconds. It means when you switch on your computer, wait for just 10 seconds to login screen to be appear. After it enter your username and password or use Chrome OS guest browsing and get ready for work.

2. Instant sleep resume

With fever sleep options availability, Chrome OS developers focussed on the most basic one. There is a sleep mode in this OS to save the battery power. Close the lid to send it to sleep state or it will automatically go to sleep state after 8 minutes of inactivity. Tap any key to back to work, unlike windows computer, it won’t take time to resume.

3. Different keyboard and touchpad on Chrome OS netbooks

The keyboard used in this notebook is different from traditional one. There are special keys to perform web activities such as go to previous and next page in browser history, reload page, switch to next tab.  Also there are keys to adjust screen brightness, and adjust volume.

4. Faster technology

The main aim of Google team behind introducing this OS is to improve the speed of accessing the computer. With crankshaft engine, Chrome OS gives you faster computing experience and you can access websites or web apps quickly.

5. All your data will store in cloud

If you are Dropbox user then you might know about cloud computing. In Chrome OS all the data you access, all the files you download and all your browsing session will store on cloud. It means you can access it even if you lose your computer.

6. All the data will be secure

Google assured security of your data. To access your data login is must. Also there will be less chance of malware and virus attack.

7. Access your data from any computer

Suppose you lose your computer while travelling or your laptop got stole then you don’t need to worry about data inside it because everything is stored in cloud. It means you can access your data from any other computer you want. Only thing required is your login credentials.

8. Automatic update

You turn on your notebook and it automatically upgrades itself to the latest features. No annoying update notifications will hit your notebook.

9. No software installation required

A notebook without any software. Chrome web app store will take care of all your needs. Developers made some amazing apps to fulfill all your needs. According to Google

In the near future, you’ll also be able to run traditional software remotely on our Chrome notebook. Companies like Citrix are developing solutions that will be available in the Web Store, and we are developing a free service called Chromoting that will enable Chrome notebook users to remotely access their existing PCs and Macs.

10. Chrome web app store

The coolest things for Chrome notebook users. Google revealed Chrome app store where you can find thousands of amazing web apps at single place. Apart from apps you’ll get Chrome extensions and beautiful themes to enhance your browsing experience. My two most favorites one are Tweetdeck and Snapshot.

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