10 ways to kill your blog

Blogging starts with passion, end with depression. Many geeks start their blogging career with a dream to reach the top but very few withstand with the amazing phases of blogging career. There are lots of issue they phase, they make new friends , lose an old one. They pass with lots of dilemma in mind, what to do, what not to do. Lots of opinion came from all around; some good, some bad. And ultimately either they become successful or their blogging career end with a deep sleep. Here are the few points which can be responsible for any blog failure:

pizza My blog is delecious as Pizza and having too many flavours

1) Blog without Niche: Blogging is not a Spicy Sicilian Pizza where you serving lots of flavours in a single place. Many bloggers do this mistake frequently, they write on various topics without any research. This will result in migration of readers from a blog and the result is fail.

.2) No frequent Update : This could not be applicable to established bloggers who blog from past 2 to 3 years and give only few hours to their blog, but for any new blogger, blog update is very necessary, both from SEO point of view and readership point of view.

fish Image credit My Blog is a Fish Market

3) Placing too many advertisement: Suppose you are visiting a new place and find posters of different movies stick everywhere on a wall in a very bad way. How can you able to stick at that place for so many time. Blog is also a place where visitors visit to see the creation of others. Don’t surprise them with those crap advertisement.

4) Changing blog URL frequently: Now this is funny one, Suppose you want to change your own name, change it, after few months you realize your mistake and want to change it to some other name. It will be very difficult for visitor to identify your blog when you change the URL of you blog.

marketing geek I am an Affiliate marketing Geek

5) Too much concentrate on Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is a nice method to earn money, but it is a slow process, many blogger want to earn money rapidly and the end result will diminished the reputation of blog. So don’t make affiliate marketing your motto. Try to give information as your first preference and selling others product as your second preference.

6) Choosing a wrong blog platform: Well most of the people start their blogging life with a free blog platform which also offer free hosting and when their blogging career start growing, they want to move to other blog platform. This would result in loss of page rank and visitors too. This mistake should be avoided.

7) No social buzz via social media: Writing article is very necessary for any blogger but distributing content through social media is more necessary because in lack of awareness , anyone can miss social exposure, which is mandatory for any blog.Twitter and Facebook are some famous social networking websites which can be used as Social media.

8 ) Publish without editing: This one is a common mistake. Many bloggers can’t take a penny to edit their blog post. There are two reasons behind that. First is they think, whatever they write is very much correct in terms of spelling and grammar an and second point is they are willing to publish their post rather than edit it. This is a bad habit. It ultimately results in lots of Grammar, spelling and other mistakes which result in degrade of the quality of post.

killer Image credit I am a killer

9) Too much emphasize in killer posts: Some person willing to give killer articles on their bog. They forget that blog is a conversation too. If you serve so much delicious food daily to any person then it would result in acidity. Give your visitors that much amount of spicy  article that they able to consume it. Try to give two killer post  in a week and make rest of your post normal. Here from killer post I mean Top 10 articles or an article which consists of huge list of any application.

10) Choosing a wrong blog design: Choosing a wrong blog design or choosing a wrong theme would increase a bounce rate of your blog visitors, also it would effect the revenue  of a blog and SEO portion of the bog.

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  1. Nice points to remember. Stuck at poin No.1. Am currently experimenting on niche by setting up wordpress mu and sub blogs. What do you say will this result in view of search engine spiders,.

  2. This would be a killer post. Obviously, you had done a lot of hard work to write this killer article. Article covers almost every important aspects which could kill any blog. I think commenting and making relation to other bloggers is also necessary because they can give you a good traffic and back links.
    A good content is one of the most important thing for a blog. So a bad and unclear content can also divert your traffic aside despite of creating social buzz via social media.
    Overall a well written article, thumbs up to you.

  3. @Tiimma Thanks for appreciation, yeah content is the King, many bloggers think that they can publish any crap thing on their blog and they would get 50 to 60 visitors via social media like stumble upon or reddit. This is a wrong thinking, blogging is a slow process which grow very slowly step by step. Any shortcut method would be fail in blogging.

  4. Great article Himanshu. I agree with almost every thing..over doing and not doing both cases can kill your blog…
    Generic (without niche) blogs find it very hard to gain authority in search engine because they come up with too many articles.. It’s always a good advice to select a particular niche..

    It will be much better to break down the niche into small pieces like instead of covering whole technology niche cover iPhone Or Chrome..
    This way chances are high that google will make you an authority blog for particular keywords…

    Another important thing is proof reading.. A post published without editing always has some typo or error and specially when you submit something on social media website ..they are very particular about any kind of errors.. An ERROR free post always get more exposure on social media sites like Digg+Twitter+SU..

  5. Nice article!
    i would like to add one more point that is >
    11) dont use too many plugins (wp) for seo & bookmarking etc .. it will slow down your blog speed 🙂

  6. Good article Himanshu!
    I remember my old days when I used to do many mistakes among these!

    My blog had a very bad design and it had a blogspot URL. Also, there were rarely any pillar articles as I used to blog about the technology News. Also, I didn’t put in any Social Media Juice in my blog.

    • @Pradeep Its great to see you here, yeah starting phase is very childish, we did lots of mistakes, but I think mistake is very necessary for learning anything, I also suggest instead of taking help from anyone, we have to research by own as their are plenty of resources available on internet.

  7. How to make that “Continue reading..” option after posts on our blog homepage ? i know its a noob question but i am :d
    can u guide me where is that option in wp while writing post ?

    • @Car for Sale Hey, its not very much difficult, just go to your WordPress dashboard, on a sidebar go to post > edit> click on the html tab, select from where you need to break your page, click on the more button given above.

  8. @ Himanshu : hey thank you for replying so quickly, i did it but have one more question on it. now in the frontent its coming “click to continue”, so how to change that to something else ?

  9. i need to know a common solution as i need to use it on other of my blogs too.

    and mainly i am using thesis theme on 3 of my blogs

    • @Car for sale Its the easiest one in Thesis theme. Go to Thesis option > Display option > Posts > Select “Display post excerpts” . Write anything below the box given ;which you want to display on the home page. Now you don’t want to add more tag on your post, thesis automatically show a small part of your article on a home page.

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