1000 Not Out and Still Going Strong

Take something up, do it with all the energy for a while, when the going gets tough, leave it, forget about it! That is the recurring theme of just about every college going student, including mine until something changed. When I was in my second year of college, I was going through a tough time, time where things just seemed to pass me by. Tech always interested me and as a budding engineer, I had plenty of time to kill. This was when I met Himanshu, who agreed to have me on board and be a part of Blogtechnika. Himanshu who fondly became sir, my first and fondest boss and a mentor, he was probably the first person to show faith in me unlike anyone before.

1000 posts

Today, I am 1009 articles old on Blogtechnika. A journey that began as a tech writer on February 19, 2010 is now almost three years and 1000 articles old. They say numbers do not tell the whole story, and neither do they here. In these three years, the number of articles do not encompass the incredible amount of things I have learnt. From doing product shoots, to writing my first full review, to making video reviews, Blogtechnika has been my pitstop where I have learnt, tuned myself and learnt some more.

Together with Blogtechnika, I saw some great times, some bad times, but most importantly, I learnt the virtue of sticking by, at a task. There were several occasions when quitting crossed my mind, but thanks to the relentless faith of Himanshu sir and the love for the site, I dug deeper and harder everytime. It is still practically unbelievable that it has been 3 years here, time indeed flew by.

As I write this post, there are countless people who cross my mind and rightfully they need to be thanked. Himanshu sir would always be at the pole of the list ’cause he believed in me and my work before I myself did. The freedom I had on Blogtechnika to experiment with my writing, with my content and to pretty much cover anything, has been a stuff of dreams. Thanks to our late night discussions on technology, on whats the latest trend, on building a team and how to plan work, not only did I become a better writer but it honed a better me, I feel. I shall always be indebted to you sir, for being there through it all.

There were several others who I must thank for their direct or indirect involvement in making this journey so very special. The team at Blogtechnika which has and always will be very special, Bharat, Achint, Prateek, Gaurav, Vidit, Faiqa, Arpit Roy, Neha and Sachin. You guys totally rock and more. To them who stood by me and always pushed me to work and work harder and chase it all, Rupanshi, yes I am looking at you. To Padmaja, who always has been, and will always be, a source of great strength, love and motivation, for editing out my countless articles and for listening to my mindless rumblings. To my family who have always worn the warmest of smiles seeing me put the hours in. To those who have lost touch, you know who you are, I thank you for all that you did. To Upasana maám, the most graceful lady I know of and the one who made me believe I could actually manage to construct meaningful sentences in English.

Now that the big list is done, I would like to thank each and everyone of you. Those who took time out to read Blogtechnika. Your feedbacks, good, bad or ugly have been extremely important and valuable. It has been my endeavor at all times to write stuff that actually makes consumer technology easy to digest for you all and on the way provide solutions to some of the stuff that might be bothering you and I assure you it shall remain the same.

This has been a long post, but one that is written with more heart than mind. Once again, to everyone involved with Blogtechnika, I thank you from the deepest corners of my heart. This has been a special journey and one, that has only begun.

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