100Pulse Monitors Your Site’s Downtime And Notifies Quickly

If you are an owner of a site which receives heavy number of visitors per day then you might be annoyed if your site face downtime problem. It might result in revenue loss if you fail to know about the problem instantly.

To solve this problem there are many site monitoring services are available which notifies you time to time if any downtime occurs. 100Pulse is one such service which handles the task pretty nicely.


To start with the service, sign up and enter the URL of your site. The service will start monitoring your site and notify you via email if any downtime occurs. Apart from monitoring site downtime and uptime it monitors many other things.

Apart from website monitoring, you can also check the status of server. You can add DNS, Port, FTP, Mysql, SMTP, POP3, IMap and SSH to the service and it will monitor these factors time to time.

You can get alerts time to time in the form of email, SMS and twitter alert. Fir SMS alert you need to purchase SMS credit which comes at 10 USD for 50 SMS. For Twitter alert you have to follow @100pusle on Twitter.

There are two types of services offered by this site: fist one checks the site  every 15 minutes (free to use) and second one checks the site after every 5 minutes ($2/month).

Check out 100Pulse to Monitor your website time to time.

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