BlackBerry OS 10 L Series Device Leaked

Blackberry OS 10 has been announced and it seems like forever that it has been coming. It was announced though that the devices would not be made available before the first quarter of 2013 which is indeed disappointing. It is pretty much the only hope for BlackBerry if they want to sustain themselves in a market dominated by the world of Android, iOS and WP 8 devices. We did know from the earlier leaks that the first devices running OS 10 would not be having the physical keyboard which have pretty much become the Unique Selling Point of BB devices. However, now the L-series or the code named London series device has been leaked out, and we are delighted that most of our predictions have come true.

The above are the images of the leaked device and there is not a lot more than we knew, that we can infer from them. The golden pins clearly show that the phone would be incorporating an NFC technology which clearly points that we are heading towards more and more mobile payments. Also the front facing camera shows that maybe for the first time we would be getting the facility to make video calls which is definitely a positive thing. Also the device in itself looks pretty good which is obviously a bonus. The device on first look looks similar to what BB showed off when they launched the OS some months ago.

What are your views on the upcoming OS 10? Let us know.

Via: TechnoBuffalo

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