12 Awesome Must Follow Facebook Fan Pages For Tech Lovers

If you fall in a category of persons who love everything related to web technology, computer, internet, social media and Facebook then apart from reading blogs and their feeds inside the feed readers, you can also “like” Facebook Fan pages to get updates directly on Facebook feeds.

The fan pages are great source of interesting and breaking news. There are several nice blogs that are delivering news as well as various information related to tech on time through these fan pages. Due to heavy community around these pages, users participate in the discussion and “like” or comment on the wall posts.

Overall fan page is a nice medium to keep yourself update from the latest tech happenings as well various geeky articles to enhance your tech skills. This article talks about 12 such awesome fan pages. Check them out.

1. Lifehacker Fan Page

Lifehacker is one of the top tech blog in the world. Founded by Nick Denton in 2005, this blog developed a huge community around it. You can “Like it” to get the latest updates and killer tips which you might not heard about.


2. Mashable Fan Page

Mashable was founded by Pete Cashmore in the year 2005. Pete understood the power of social media and today Mashable is one of the most popular blog in social media. It constantly gives information related to social media as well as technology.


3. Digital Inspiration Fan Page

Digital Inspiration is one of the most recognized blog of the world. By his amazing tech skills Amit Agrawal made this blog a hot cake for the tech lovers. Currently the fan page has more than 11,500 fans. Apart from feeds of DI on this fan page, you can also get interesting news all around the world.


4. GigaOm Fan Page

Gigaom is one of the most adorable blog present on the web. The news served by this blog are genuine and well researched. With multiple authors, Om Malik is the main face behind this blog. Currently the fan page has more than 5800 fans.


5. Howtogeek Fan Page

HowtoGeek is my personal favorite. Started in October 2006, this blog gained lots of popularity by its amazing post quality. This blog delivers step by step guides along with a fine resolution screenshots. Lowell Heddings is the founder of this blog and currently the Facebook fan page has more than 10000 fans.


6. Ars Technica Fan Page

Ars Technica is one of the oldest blog present on the web. Founded in 1998 when the blogging knocked the door of the world. This blog delivers quality news and it is one of the most reputed blog present on the web. Currently the page has 17,800 fans.


7. CNET Fan Page

CNET is one of the most recognized and most reputed tech blog present on the web. Its news service capability is so fast and you can find almost every tech news on this blog. Apart from CNET blog, there are many other channels such as CNET TV, CNET news, etc. Currently the Facebook fan page has more 48,700 fans.


8. TechCrunch Fan Page

Techcrunch is the most popular news hub for tech lovers. It is famous for constantly delivering popular breaking news. Its stories hit most number of times on Techmeme. Currently the site has more than 73,000 fans.


9. ReadWriteWeb Fan Page

Readwriteweb focuses on Web Technology news, reviews and analysis. Founded on April 20, 2003, the blog has built a great authority and having more than 21000 fans. The blog is ranked among Technorati’s Top 20 blogs in the world.


10. Windows 7 Fan Page

Windows 7 made an awesome fan page for Windows 7 users. It constantly shares top news from the top Windows blogs. The page has more than 132000 fans. Also you can see some very nice discussion on every shared articles.


11. VentureBeat Fan Page

VentureBeat is founded by Matt Marshall in the year 2006. in 2008, New York Times called VentureBeat one of the “best blogs on the Web”. It has total more than 4500 fans.


12. ZDNet Fan Page

ZDNet is the online destination for professionals seeking to solve business technology problems and find new opportunities. It is one of the oldest blog present, founded in 1991. It has total more than 10400 fans.


So these are the 12 awesome Facebook fan pages present on the web which delivers value to the Facebook tech community. How many of them are already present in your list? Do you miss any pages? Mention it in the comments.

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  1. I suggest to subscribe using feed reader instead of following on facebook. Following on facebook will fill your wall with updates from these blogs.

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