15 Incredible And Unmatched Qualities Of Professional Bloggers

Bloggers are those persons who work very hard and try to boost the performance of their blogs by various methods. These persons have some unique qualities which are common to most of them. I am not telling that bloggers are aliens who come from different World but I am trying to say that every Blogger is special and have some special qualities which make them different from the outer World.


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1. Writer: Bloggers are born writers; every blogger has some unique way to express their views to the outer world. Luckily they get a strong medium in a form of blog to express their views.

2. Communicator: Bloggers have a special ability to communicate with others. Its either promotion of blog or comments on other blog or connection via Twitter and Facebook, bloggers are excited to communicate with every new person.

3. Speaker: Bloggers are good speakers. It is not a must having criteria for bloggers but most of them are good speakers. They can express their speaking power in different seminars. Also they make different videos tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo to teach perfectly.

4. Disciplined: Blogger are a disciplined person. Blogging requires discipline in life. Post frequency should maintain by every blogger. It may be one or two articles per day. They fix their schedule to complete their target.

5. Hard Working: Hard-work is the must have criteria for bloggers. Blogging demands lots of hard work and dedication. It’s either research for the new article or promoting articles on Twitter and Facebook. All requires hard work.

6. Tech savvy: Blogging require lots of computer and software work. It is not necessary for every blogger to be tech savvy but a basic knowledge of WordPress and other software is must required thing for each blogger.

7. Serious: Seriousness towards work is a quality of any professional blogger. Any blogger may jolly or funny among his friends but should very serious and dedicated towards his blogging work.

8. Learner: Every blogger is a great learner. He learns things very quickly in comparison to others. Blogger is curious to surf different websites on internet and learn and grasp some knowledge.

9. Reader: Not only writing, bloggers love reading articles from different websites. They compile knowledge by visiting different sites and discover and read some really cool articles.

10. Organized: Bloggers are organized persons. There are plenty of serious bloggers who work from their home and maintain proper work schedule. They life are very much scheduled and they have proper steps in their daily blogging life.

11. Social: There are two types of persons: extrovert and introvert. Bloggers should be extrovert in nature. Its either replying comments and emails or become an active participate in Twitter and Facebook, blogger is a social person.

12. Creative: Bloggers are creative and innovative. They have their own technique to promote their blogs. They do something new to attract new visitors. They know very well what visitors want from them and they give exactly same.

13. Consistent: Consistency is a prime criterion of blogging. If blog is not doing well and rarely attract any visitors then blogger should consistence and tries to find the exact problem due to which the problem occurs. Bloggers should consistent in their work also.

14.  Honest: Blogging is a voice of a blogger. Blogger should be honest enough to bring all the things among their readers. Giving back link to the original article is a nice practice.

15. Transparent: Bloggers have a unique quality to tell things clearly. You should tell clearly that who you are and what your aim is. Everyone wants to know about the writer’s intention. Don’t be lazy to tell your intentions clearly.

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  1. I always feel that there should be frequent bloggers, developers meet in every city. In Hyderabad, earlier, we used to have Developer’s barcamps where I had chance to present and share creative stuff and now its all gone, coz of recession. (no company is willing to fund such activities, neither is any one willing to contribute individually)
    .-= Taranfx´s last blog ..SmartScreen for iPhone [Best LockScreen Widgets] =-.

    • Sad to know this, because Hyderabad is a big metro city and business hub of India, surprisingly no Blogger’s meet held there from long time. Delhi is quiet fortunate in this context, Here companies like Nokia, Samsung and Lenevo organized bloggers meet in past two months.

      • I respect your views Himanshu !

        But let me educate you about Hyderabad that it is just a metro city with IT companies.

        MUMBAI is THE Business HUB of India !
        Im little attached personally to this opinion as im from Mumbai 😛

        Moreover my observation is that most so called professional Bloggers are from northern India ( Check out your own list of top Indian Bloggers )
        .-= Rakesh Waghela @Webiyo´s last blog ..Win a Google Wave Invite with Webiyo.com =-.

        • Oh! My mistake, thanks Rakesh improving it. Yes I agree with you that most of the bloggers are from Northern side, but I want to say that Bloggers from South like Mani Karthik and Pradeep Kumar are the growing face of south. Also there are communities like Kerala Bloggers and Indiblogger group which are well known group of South.
          Blogging is not as much big thing as in USA. There are lots of effort required by various top bloggers to grow and spread inside the country.

  2. Really one of the great article from you. Thanks sir for sharing this with us. I have only few qualities in me and sooner i will develop all of them that you have listed
    .-= Vivek´s last blog ..Does Blogger needs CV =-.

  3. Another good article, Nice to know about qualities inherent and required to be problogger. Some of them, I may be possessing while there are many which I need to develop. Atleast, I can try!
    .-= Blogsolute´s last blog ..Google Chrome OS Torrent, Rapidshare, Megaupload and Direct download Links =-.

  4. Just wonder how to have all these qualities? Am I be blogging for years then I’ll have all these qualities. Great post as always.
    .-= Phaoloo´s last blog ..Top 19 Tools To Hide Folders On Windows =-.

  5. you missed one thing Himanshu….patience is a must for being a successful blogger….
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..Blog Life Cycle Day 8- Blogging in First 3 Months- Part III =-.

  6. yep, agree with most, all those skills are very important for bloggers, but i think most of all the language skills is important too, a good hold over written English gives a big lead, as writing is what we bloggers do most, like writing post, guest articles, comments and replies, etc…
    .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..Free Google Wave Invitations Giveaways – Get yours now =-.

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