20 Google Search OneBox Tips You Might Not Know about

Google search, the biggest search engine in the world used by millions of people daily. Google algorithm is something which is responsible for the amazing search results. But, do you know that there are plenty of search tricks that can make you more smarter to find search results. You can instantly know the weather conditions, sunrise time, dictionary meaning,  local business and many more things by using these tricks.

Here, I am collecting such 20 tips. Some of them are old, and probably you might know about them, but Google recently added some more tips . I collected all the tips along with screenshots which can help you to understand the things in a better way. Here are they:

1. Sunrise and Sunset

It tells you about precise time of sunrise and sunset of any particular city. To search type “sunrise” or “sunset” followed by name of the city. For example, type  “sunrise new delhi” in the search box.


2. Book Search

To search any book on Google, type your query (name of the book) inside the search box then click on the books link given on the sidebar (check the screenshot given below).


3. Health Conditions

Search for any disease and its symptoms. Type the name of the disease in the search box and hit “Google search” button. You’ll get many results related to the disease (generally Wikipedia results are on top). You can also go to Google Health to search for diseases.


4. Medications

It displays information about most generic and brand name prescription drugs in the U.S. Enter the drug name into the search box to get the summary and description of that medication.


5. Public Data

It displays trends of population and unemployment rates for particular location. Type “population” or “unemployment rate” followed by a state or country name. It will show you the result in a small chart.


6. Weather

Instantly see weather conditions of your city. Type “weather” followed by your city name. For example I typed “weather new delhi” to to know the temperature and other weather conditions of my city.

google weather

7. Spell Checker

Google has a spell checker feature which automatically checks spelling and suggests you the correct word above the search result.


8. Local Search

To search for stores, restaurants, pizza shops and other local businesses in the area, type name of area followed by the query. Google will show you result in the form of map, reviews, and contact information.

google local shops

9. Unit Conversion

Type the quantity followed by unit and other unit in which you want to convert that unit in Google search box. You can use convert units of measurement such as height, weight, and volume for conversion.

unit conversion

10. Movie Showtimes

Before using this feature, you need to set the name of your city. Type “movies” in the search box. A box will appear in the search result asking you the name of your city. Enter the name of city and press “Get showtimes” button.

google movies

Now whenever you’ll visit your search engine and type the name of new released movie, you’ll get the local search result. It displays the local theaters and showtime.


11. Flight Tracking

You can track flight by its flight number. Type the flight number in the search box and press enter. It will show the date and time of departure and arrival.  The data is provided by flightstats.com.

flight status

12. Dictionary Definitions

Wnt to see the definition of any word. Type define followed by the word. It will display results from the standard dictionary.

google dictionary

13. Time

To see the present time of the city, type “time” followed by name of the city. It is useful, if you want to know the local time of any other country.

time google

14. Stock Quotes

Type the ticker symbol into the search box to see the current market data of any company. You can find ticker symbol of any company here.

google stocks search

15. Calculator

Type the calculation you want to do in the search box. Apart from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, you can find square root and power of any number.

google calculator

16. Earthquakes

Type earthquake followed by city name in the search box to get some information about latest earthquake in that area. You can also use zip code for US cities. For recent earthquake activity around the world simply type “earthquake” in the search box.

earthquakes google

17. Currency conversion

Enter the desired query (short form of currencies) in the search box and Google will instantly convert it. I generally use this feature to convert dollars into Indian rupees.

currency converter google

18. Patent numbers

Type patent and the patent number in the search box to know about that patent. This facility is only available for U.S. patents.


19. Area Code

It displays the geographical location of any area in U.S. if you know the telephone code of that area. Enter the code in the search box and hit the “enter” button.


20. Fill in the Blank

If you want to ask question to Google, simply add and asterisk mark after query. Google will show the result quickly.


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