3 Cool Mobile OS You Should Know About: Windows 7.5, Blackberry OS 7 & Symbian Belle

Hardware is just one half of the story. The other half is the software. In mobiles, it is what we call as OS ,or Operating systems. It was a jargon long time back but now even a child studying in Second standard knows what an OS is.

We will be discussing the ‘other’ operating systems! Who is not familiar with the latest iOS 5 or the slick Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS as many fondly call it), but ever wondered what windows 7.5 is all about or how symbian is trying to reclaim its territory with Belle? Here’s a small comparison between three very promising OS’s in the market today, other than iOS and android.

WINDOWS 7.5: The newest and the freshest OS in a very long time to hit the market. Literally blows away the competition when it comes to the ‘style’ factor. A very different approach for a mobile OS. Everything is slick and animated and has “hubs” for everything, be it people,music or games,rather than lists and apps, FRESH. Lacks support as of now, but the outlook is very positive.

Buy if you are a facebook freak and want a edgy smartphone with style that really stands out.
Do not buy if you like things just the way they are or if you need a serious business tool.


BLACKBERRY OS 7: Blackberry business phones, there was a time when they were hardcore business tools,still are but lately they have taken off in popularity especially because of the IM service which they provide, THE BBM. It still betrays its work-minded roots though and the text heavy menus look straight out of the previous decade. The best part is, various types of handsets available.

Buy if your office uses a BB server for its emails, you love the feel of a QWERTY keyboard and if you want BBM. Bold 9900/9930 has the ability to capture beautiful photos with its 5 MP camera, 4X digital zoom, face detection, image stabilization and zero shutter lag. Also BBM Music allows users to enjoy an evolving, community-based music library together with their BBM Music friends

Do not buy if you want app store like iOS or Android because Blackberry App World provides less number of apps in comparison to two other mobile giants Apple and Android.


SYMBIAN BELLE: Symbian, Nokias ageing warhorse is on its last legs.The company has promised o focus on windows phone but that does not mean they will kill the operating system which started it all, our very own symbian. I am pretty sure, most of us at some point of our life have used SYMBIAN. Atleast I grew up using a symbian handset. They are still popular ,especially in our INDIA,and is still a contender in the smartphone race. Especially with near field communication(NFC), its going strong.


Buy if you are a hardcore nokia fan and budget is an issue.
Do not buy if you love all the new apps and if you are looking for a long term investment.

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  1. Nice article. The funny thing is, Nokia is still perhaps the best of the lot. For a majority of users, it has all teh features that you may need, and that too in an easy to use interface: internet, email, web browsing, calendar etc.

    I stil have problems with BB 7.0 though I love it. For example it doesnt tell me how many contacts Ihave in my phone book. For example, if I have a phone number saved, then from a received sms I can only tell the name and not the number, unless I go from ‘Messages’ to ‘Phone Book’ etc.

    Wonder why you havent covered Bada or Meego?

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