3 Features You Should Know About iOS 5

iOS 5 has definitely generated a lot of hype. Apple say it is the best operating system out there no wonder they say it though since its their latest. However, in the list of features of iOS a lot of features have gone unnoticed. There are claims that there are about 200 new features added to the new OS. So here is my pick of three features in iOS 5 that you very easily might have missed out on.

1) Gestures: yes, I am a massive fan of gestures and it’s kind of neat when various types of touches are capable of doing a certain type of tasks, as not only it makes tasks simpler but also quicker. Apple is yet to adapt to gestures fully on its iOS unlike the mac but there definitely has been a start in iOS 5 at least for the iPad users. There are three gestures that have been integrated which you probably did not know about.
>swipe across the screen, using four figures to switch to the next or previous tasks.
>swipe up using four figures to open the Multi-tasking bar.
>pinch out using all five figures to return to the main menu from any application.
These might seem rather simplistic gestures but they may well be a start of something awesome.
2) Albums: a major problem with iOS in the past has been the photo application. Just the fact you have to sync the pictures and cannot add pictures as and when you wish on the go is kind of annoying. However, apple has taken first positive step now with the adding of albums option. Now in your photo app where albums are displayed, you can add an album of your choice, give it the name you want and can add pictures from your camera roll so that you can have pictures from a specific event in one single album. This really is a handy feature especially given the better camera on the iPhone 4s as plenty of people will be using their device to click pictures.
3) Auto word completion: Lot of people have their complain about the txt type of language from today’s youth, the constant usage of social network sites such as twitter and Facebook has only made the language worse which started with shorthand text messages. However, if you are struggling with the same problem and know certain words you use very often like ur for your, or brb for be right back, now you can tell iOS to auto correct these for you. Go to the settings and there under keyboard option you have the auto completion option where you can add as many such words to make your typing more precise and accurate.
So these were my three hidden gems of the iOS 5, do you have some more? Things you would like to share? Do let us know in comments section.

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