3 Useful Cydia Apps Which One Might Want Have on Their Phone

Cydia store contains lots of amazing app and we, here at Blogtechnika tell about useful apps regularly. Today I am going to introduce you with three nifty apps that you should install it on your iPhone. These are Quicklock, SMS Flooder, and SMS Timer. Let’s have a look on their functions one by one:


The iDevice is definitely used every 2 minutes. This would surely lead to the wearing off of the sleep button. To save a little life of that button Cydia provides a SB app called Quicklock. This small app on opening just locks your screen. Sounds shallow but once you start using it you will definitely understand the gravity of saving the sleep button. It’s free for download on cydia and one might want try it out.


SMS flooder

Definitely an unimportant application in terms of utility but it’s an app which might be installed for fun. Suppose you’re with your friends and suddenly your girlfriend calls you. You are in no position to pick up the phone. You definitely would end up fighting with her so it is better to use the SMS flooder application and send your girlfriend multiple messages saying either sorry or maybe expressing your love to her 😉

You might also use it to irritate your friends by sending them multiple messages but beware iBlacklist is an anti SMS flooder app 😉

SMS Timer

This I would say is an application which is a must have. My friend had a birthday the other day and I was very sleepy, but on the other hand I wanted to wish my friend at 12:00am. I looked up my Pandora box (Cydia) and got this awesome app named SMS timer. You can input the number and message and select the date And time for the message to be sent.

Proves to be a life saver. Your close pals would screw you if you don’t wish them first. So in situations where you’re about to fall asleep, schedule a text and sleep peacefully.


So these are the three apps of the day. Hope you’d like them. Do you know any other nifty and must have Cydia apps. You can mention them in comments.

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