300+ Windows Tweaks Using Sunrise Seven Tweaker

Sunrise Seven is an advanced Windows tweaker tool that provides many extra functionality to Windows simply by checking some options. First thing I noticed in this tool is its easy to use interface. All the functions are well categorized and you can access them by clicking the category name in left.

Download and install a program on your computer. On the left pane you’ll see many links such as Quick adjustment, UAC settings, Performance etc. On right there will be options and check boxes next to them. On checking the check boxes, the option will be activated and you could get those extra features without playing with any Windows settings.


Quick Adjustment

The first link given on left is Quick Adjustment. It gives you to bring change in many options such as Start Menu and Shell options, Additional Context menu options, disable low disk space notifications and system notifications additional setting such as turn off hibernation, remove shortcut suffix for new shortcuts, disable Auto play etc. In bottom there is a button to create system restore point so that you can restore your computer to previous state in case if any problem occurs.


UAC Settings

You’ll find security related settings mostly under this section.



To increase the performance of your computer you can make changes in your settings by accessing this section. You can enable 64 bit support (not tested by me) and turn off data execution prevention. You can turn off various services to increase the performance. These services are secondary logon, offline files, windows time services, tablet input services, windows search, windows defender, print spooler. We advice you to turn off those service only which you think are not in use. Don’t disable those services for which you are not sure. You can also slow down or speed up some process by changing the slider position.


In security settings panel you can disable many Windows settings such as task manager, registry editor, command prompt, folder options, and many other settings so that no one can get access to these places. You can add items to context menu, add wallpaper, change Windows logon UI background, change wallpaper.

In OEM option you can add manufacturer name, model number, product logo, check license information, remove product key. Apart from that there are hundreds of tweaks available. You need to download this tool to play with all the settings.

Download Sunrise Seven.

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  1. i used sunrise seven tweaker 12 tweak ago, but after clicked ‘enable support for 4 GB’ my windows 7 cannot boot anymore, please help me…

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