365Scores For Chrome Brings The Latest Football Scores To Your Desktop

Football is much more than a sport for those who follow it. For some, it is bigger than a fine line that divides life and death, and judicious followers do not mind walking this tight rope time and again. Ask any football fanatic how hard his heart beats as his team just about hangs on to win an important football match or how a last minute winner against a big shot team can send fans into frenzy. All this is well and good, if you can watch the match. How often it happens with us that we are forced to sit through seminars or conferences facing our laptops with poor wi-fi connectivity and absolutely no way to know what is going on in a must watch football game? As a life long Man United supporter, missing out even on a second of football is a scary thought for me, and when this happened a few times because I was tied up working instead of following the reds I found an extension to Google Chrome that pretty much compensates for every bit of action you missed.

The most important notification in football is the goal scored and 365Scores does just exactly that. It is a small extension to your Google Chrome browser where you can set your favorite teams as well as leagues you follow whose notifications you wish to receive. You can also receive notification for other sports such as tennis, but let us only focus on Football cause that is what this extension does the best. You can also set an alert to be notified when a player gets booked, at half time whistle, kick off and full time whistle. The extension also pops up as the video from the on going game becomes available so you can also view the goal or booking or even the highlights.

It is an extremely simple extension to use and sends the update to you in very much the real time. In fact a few times it has been even faster than the television coverage, which is fantastic. The interface is very simple and very easy to configure and use. You can even select the duration of the notification to stay before being dismissed. You must obviously have Chrome opened to receive the notification, but that certainly is no big deal, cause we all hardly ever close it anyway.

The extension is available for absolutely free in the Chrome Web Store and you can download it by visiting this link.

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