40 Great Twitter Tips For Twitter Users

by Himanshu Yadav on November 20, 2009

Twitter is a micro blogging tool which can be used as a marketing tool. There are lots of methods to promote our content on Twitter. People use different methods to get maximum followers and use different tactics to market their content effectively. Some people use wrong methods to market their content and as a result they pay a lot. Here I am mentioning top Twitter tips for those users who want to build a strong reputation on Twitter.



1. Do not bulk follow everyone.

2. Don’t try to sell products, Twitter is not a shop.

3. Don’t use every third party applications.

4. Don’t do private conversation on Twitter.

5. Don’t make any private comments on others.

6. Don’t spread rumors on Twitter.

7. Don’t Tweet frequently, make some time gap between tweets.

8. Don’t RT any unvisited URL.

9. Don’t tweet your daily lifestyle.

10. Don’t tweet any news which are not useful for your fans.

11. Don’t tweet only your blog post.


12. Follow people belongs to your niche.

13. Use Tweetdeck or Twirhl.

14. Use hash tags (#) on keywords.

15. Use mass unfollow tool (Twitter Karma) to unfollow spammers.

16. Tweet something useful links for followers.

17. Tweet list articles (30 great tips for Twitter users).

18. RT useful articles (Don’t do excessive RTs).

19. Ask questions(doubts) on Twitter.

20. You can Tweet interesting experience of yourself (Today I met with Matt Mullenweg, maker of WordPress)

21. Be active on Twitter, Tweet regular to make your profile interesting.

22. Tweet breaking news.

23. Help others on Twitter, answer any doubt of your Twitter friend.

24. Update your profile and Twitter DP (Display Picture). Remember to add keywords into Biography section so that anyone can track you with keywords.

25. Make a cool Twitter Background.

26. Read Twitip.com

27. Use Direct messages for private conversation.

28. Use list feature of Twitter and make your own list of useful Twitter users.

29. Use Twitterbar Firefox plugin.

30. Use Twitter widget or Twitter link on your blog to get more followers of your niche.

31. Build relationship with RT others article.

32. Use Twitterfeed for your blog and get instant review.

33. Connect Twitter with Facebook by using Twitter application in Facebook.

34. Use tinyurl or bit.ly url shortening services.

35. Use various Twitter tools

36. If you are an iPhone user then use Twitter iPhone apps.

37. Always thanks others for every RT.

38. Use followfriday hash tags for your twitter friends

39. Use Twitter Search to search any thing on Twitter.

40 Use hash tag to tweet any live event. Ex. #bcd, #wci #nokianseries.

These are some great tips which make you top twitter user. Do you follow these tips? Feel free to share your views on comment section. If you know some more tip add those on comment section. If you like this post, subscribe to feeds for free updates. Follow me on Twitter @techim.

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