5 Best Sites To Get Portable Apps

These days portable apps are getting popular because they are simple programs but they can be used without installing them on PC. Just download it on your computer and double click on it to run it. They do not store program settings and temper the registry of your Windows computer.

There are numerous portable application available in the market. But searching them is a real pain in the butt. There are several websites which collects all the portable apps at a single place so that you won’t find it difficult to search them. This post features 5 such websites. Check them out.

1. Portableapps.com

Portableapps is the site to choose which features top apps present around. There are categories given on the right and also all the apps name are present on the body of the homepage. All the apps present in the categories are on of the top apps present on the internet.


2.The Portable Freeware Collection

The portable freeware collection is another nice website to choose portable apps. On first glance it doesn’t looks too much impressive but once you start digging, you’ll find some interesting facts that it contains hundreds of free portable apps. Also every app contains link of the official website, screenshot of the tool and download link. There is a feed link to subscribe to the website to get latest updates.


3. PenDriveApps

Pendriveapps.com is another hub of portable apps which contains hundreds of apps in a nice manner. On left you’ll find names of all the apps present sorted alphabetically. You can also submit the apps in the directory.


4. Wikipedia’s list of Portable Software

Wikipedia’s list of portable software is a collection of huge number of portable software present. You can also read about portable apps to know more about it. It contains the list of apps in various categories.


5. Apps To Go

Apps To Go is similar to Portable apps where you can find all the best portable applications at single place. It is sorted by owner of this site but he claimed that the app are best in their class. Also there is enough data to explain you portable apps and their advantages over normal apps.


So these are the list of websites having collection of portable apps. Do you know other such sites. Mention them in the comments.

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  1. This site has over 100 portable apps but seems to be a bit pickier about the apps it adds. Most sites just throw anything portable they can find into a cluttered database. Worth a look.

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