5 Best Sites To Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Football Highlights

FIFA World cup 2010 is at its final stage and you’d definitely look for the best moments of this mega events. There are lots of things happened which are unforgettable in this World Cup. Definitely on the top is Paul, the octopus who predicts all the matches of Germany correctly, and achieved the celebrity status now. Some golden moments were unfortunate exit of Germany by the last moments goal of Spain in the semifinal match and unpredictable exit of Argentina and Brazil in the quarter finals.

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There are many sites which offers free highlights of incredible World cup moments. For those who missed the incredible moments should watch it out to experience them again. I am collecting 5 such awesome sites on which you can watch World Cup highlights without any hassle. Here are they:

1. YouTube.com

YouTube hosts all the incredible moments of the World Cup. You need to use the search feature effectively. This site is useful for those who are die hard football fans and know all the names of players and saw all the matches. They can enter the keyword in the search box and find the result quickly.


2. FootYtube

FootYtube, as the name suggests, is like YouTube of football. You can find news related to world cup, videos of latest matches, highlights and many more on this site. You can also find podcasts related to the matches of FIFA World Cup.


3. GoalsArena

GoalsArena is another nice site dedicated to soccer matches. You can find videos according to latest highlights, highest rated and most viewed videos. Apart from world cup you can find large amount of videos related to other football events. There is a dedicated channel for highlights of football world cup 2010 qualifiers. You can also find league and premier league matches highlights videos.


4. VideoSoccer

VideoSoccer, as the name suggests is the video collection of soccer matches. You can find videos related to World cup 2010 as well as English premier league, Brazilian league, UEFA champions league, Europa league and many more. On right side of the site, you’;ll find a section dedicated to latest goals added. You can find all the goal moments highlights in this section.


5. MySoccerPlace.net

Mysoccerplace.net is a football social network. You can find most popular, top rated, most recent and random video highlights of soccer matches. You can join their Facebook channel to get their latest update. This site also has facility to broadcast football matches live. You can also browse photos related to the football matches.


So these are the best sites on which you can watch FIFA World cup 2010 highlights easily. Do you know any other sites having collection of world cup highlights. Let us know in the comments.

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