5 Blogging Strategy To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

Blogging is a very easy process for enthusiast peoples. I want to say that enthusiasm is a most required factor in Blogging. What will happen if you don’t have interest in your work. How could you do blogging with lack of interest. I saw many bloggers in my short blogging phase who tried their best in the starting phase, becomes slow afterwards and they are dead people now.


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There are lots of reason behind diminishing blogging career of any blogger. The most blogger one is lack of strategy. If anyone moves forward without any strategy he may get a small successes, but in long term it is not going to work. So what would be the best blogging strategy for any blogger.

Decide your goal

According to me the best strategy  would be making a plan. First decide your assets. What you own and what you want to achieve in the near future. Decide your goal. Without goal you are a balloon filled with air and moving in random direction while releasing it.


The most frustrating part for any blogger in his blogging life is lack of desired traffic. I also faced the same problem in my short career and still struggling with traffic. I would like to say that start experimenting on your blog. Write some controversial post (a post with which many people don’t agree).


Traffic is not coming from Google. You are not very active on social media sites like Digg, Stumble. Don’t need to worry. You have still a dangerous weapon in your pocket. Start commenting on others blog. It will definitely going to work. Make 10 comments daily. Try to increase the numbers. I am sure you will enjoy commenting once you will get enough conversation on your blog.

Write write write

I see many bloggers focus on social media more than writing an articles. This is not a smart strategy because without lack of articles you will not attract many visitors on your blog. Remember that of you are getting 500 traffic on your blog through social media strategy, you will get 1000 after writing articles. Don’t waste your precious time in reading other’s article. Reading is obviously fun but try to give maximum output through writing articles and promoting it.

Make your identity

Making an identity on internet is very necessary to attract visitors. It is a very nice strategy to increase your social reach. I think Twitter is the best medium for branding. Try to increase your reach on Twitter. Use Twitter effectively. Also try to display your photograph (Gravatar) on your about me page, so that people recognizes you easily.

Additional Tip

Here I covered most important points Writing articles, commenting, social media strategy , making your own identity and deciding your goal. These are the pillars of Blogging. If anytime you feel that you can’t do anything and you can’t achieve your goal. Try to read about the life of some great peoples. Wikipedia is a nice source of information. You will surely get inspired by those great peoples.

What are your strategy to take your blog to next level. Please explore it in a comment section so that most readers of this blog will get benefited. If you like this article please hit the retweet button to share it among your followers.

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  1. Yup the biggest problem is traffic when we begin but this can slowly improve when u comment a lot on many blog nd if u have a gravatar which is catchy nd Unique then the reader will come to know abt u and will surely visit back to see ur blog nd the first problem is solved that include all points 😉
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  2. All points are important but most effective one is planning. You should plan your goal. You have to spend good time on similar niche blog before putting your leg on serious blogging. Planning is the center of all other strategy I think. I always make a monthly home work though I never able to follow due to my nature but at least it help me to know what should I do next.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Get free song or music video, app, TV episode or film from iTunes in this Christmas =-.

    • Agree with you Arafat, without lack of planning no one can achieve his goal. Planning and strategy are two other pillar of any work. Also blogging requires lots of patience. Every day comes with new achievement, thats the property of blogging. Nice to know your views. Thanks for sharing it among the readers. 🙂

  3. I agree with you in mos of the point…But i don’t like commenting a lot..because suddenly my backlinks rised by 1,000 in last ten days..These links are coming from same blogs. I did 30-40 comments on few blogs.

    For anyone who want success in blogging is strategy as you mentioned…write article about some thing and write related about some thing else now you targeted both in terms of long tail keyword.. then do some promotion…

    Content…and more content..then promotion which includes every thing.
    Also keyword research is the most important..should be learn from your self. Some times small article rank as compared to monster articles..
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    • Agree with you Rahul! Anyhting in lot spoils the taste. Commenting is good, but it should be done in a proper way. Leaving lots of comment on a same blog is not a good strategy. Also selecting only dofollow blog for commenting is not a smart move in terms of SEO. Keyword is important for SEO point of view and I am agree with you that SEO is a giant source of traffic. Thanks for your insights.

      • I mean to say i added few comments in few blogs..and i am getting backlinks from all the pages they adding now.

        I never do commenting in bulk…i go few blogs on regular basis…and left comment if i like and content is related to my blog or seo.
        .-= Rahul´s last blog ..Best Mininova Alternatives Torrent Search Engine List =-.

  4. Controversial post also has side effect, use it with care or readers never come back.
    .-= Phaoloo´s last blog ..What To Do When Traffic From Google Dramatically Drops =-.

    • I agree with you but controversial posts are one of the best way to create Initial Buzz.
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  5. i just believe in write write and write….and himanshu i am following your advise from now on…i will write more and more and more…..

  6. How about a seo strategy??
    Since you mentioned commenting. Let me say this is the 41st comment I made today.

    Just following what you are saying 🙂
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