5 Easy Steps To Increase Battery Life On HTC One X

HTC One X alongside the Galaxy SIII is the most popular smart phone out there. We put the phone to various paces and on various comparisons with the Samsung flagship device, the HTC produced phone seem to beat it in every test apart from one. And this one feature may as well be the highlight and most important one. Yes, we are talking about the battery back up. Both the phones rock a quad core processor so its obvious they are power hungry. The SIII ships with a 2100 mAh which is replaceable while the One X has a miserly 1800 mAh battery in a polycarbonate unibody non removable design. As a result of this you are stuck with the battery and can not even use a replaceable one. However, to compensate for the loss of battery, here are five easy steps that you may follow to enhance the battery back up of this great device.

1) Use a third party Launcher: A lot of us are extremely intrigued by the beauty of Sense UI which overlays on the Android 4.0 that the One X uses. However, the sense skin is extremely heavy and tends to draw a lot of juice from the battery. So, using a custom launcher such as Nova Launcher, Go launcher or even Apex Launcher is highly recommended. These launchers are stock ICS or GB launchers and are pretty light on the CPU thus preventing excessive battery usage. It is a small sacrifice to make to make your device last longer.

2) Reduce the Screen out Time and Brightness: The screen on the HTC One X is a thing of beauty and in admiring this beauty we may well wish to keep it on for the rest of ever. However, having high screen out times like 5 minutes can really be destructive to your battery cause. We found the best results came when the timer was set to below one minute, ideally around 30 seconds. As for the brightness you can use either auto brightness or set to custom brightness of about 25% using any third party widget. We found better results at 25% than even when the device was on auto brightness.

3) Turn Auto Sync Off: HTC devices are synced with a lot of accounts. You have your standard HTC Hub accounts, the twitter integration, Facebook, cloud services such as Dropbox and E-Mail all working in tandem. If allowed to auto sync, they will attempt to draw down the data from your device just about every time, and this is detrimental to your device’s battery. Turn the auto sync feature off in settings menu and make sure you sync the device only when you need the latest information.

4) Charge the phone via Power Socket: This may sound like a rather odd suggestion, but it works. A lot of users are in a habit of charging their devices via USB of their laptops or computers. However, we found that when the device was charged via a power adapter, it seemed to last at least 20% longer than as compared to when it was charged via USB.

5) Use dark Static Wallpapers: The aesthetics of HTC One X are adorable no doubt and the live wallpapers just add to the beauty of it. However, using them drains a lot of battery. Hence, it is advisable to use static black colored wallpapers or at least wallpapers with black prominent as they seem to be most friendly on battery. there was about 10% battery performance enhancement when I switched over from a white based static wallpaper to the black one.

I hope these 5 steps would help you garner more juice out of your HTC One X and help the device run longer. Do share with us your results how the device performed after these suggestions in the section below.

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