5 Gmail Labs That You Must Enable

Gmail has become the most used E-Mail Service on the web. Not only is Gmail quick and free to use, it also gives you plenty of adds on. We have been using Gmail extensively over the last four years and in a lot of ways it has become our home in the internet. You can IM your friends from GTalk built within and simultaneous edit your documents too thanks to Google Drive which has been integrated with Google Docs. You can also change the theme of your Gmail account to add that bit of personalization to your Mail screen. However, did you know that you can add so much more to Gmail thanks to a feature called Labs. Here are the five must have Google Labs that should be enabled on your GMail.

Firstly, to activate Labs, all you have to do is to visit the settings of your Gmail by clicking on the screw type icon located at the top right hand corner of Gmail, and from there clicking on Settings. Once Settings open, look for the third from right tab called Labs, and from there you can enable the labs you which suits your need. Here are the five Gmail Labs that we highly recommend:

1) Background Send: Background Send lets you send Mail in the background so you can after clicking send navigate out to some other application or another web page. Just make sure you are signed into Gmail. This is really helpful when you are attaching big files to send. Background send can be also helpful in case your internet connection is slightly slow and you have no interest in siting on your computer and just see the mail being sent and like to make better use of your time.


2) Google Calender Gadget: We highly recommend using this Labs. Primarily because, plenty of times E-Mails are exchanged in order to make a plan for an event or some other such thing. It is pretty difficult to continuously move from your mail to the calender. A Calender widget helps you to straight away look if you are free for the particular day or if you have some appointments. Saves a lot of time and opening of another tab too.


3) Green Robot: Green Robot is the Lab we love a lot. It is a simple lab that changes the icons of your Gtalk contacts to help you know if the contact is online via PC or Android Phone. Gtalk is inbuilt in Android devices and as a result Android users can stay online 24 x 7. However, there is a chance that somebody have kept the phone away and as a result not read your IM. Knowing that person is online via Smart Phone would help you judge better to not disturb him or be a bit more patient than just asking why he is not replying. A very useful Add on to your Gmail indeed.


4) Message Sneak Peek: Often it happens that we are not entirely sure of what is contained inside an E-Mail. We just want a peek as to what is there and opening the mail and going back can be time consuming. This lab comes really handy in such occasions. Just right click your mouse button over the E-Mail concerned and you can view the preview of the mail saving you those precious seconds that you might have lost in opening and closing the Mail.


5) Right Side Chat: This is yet another important and a must have Lab. Chat by default is located on the left hand side of Gmail. However, due to lesser screen area due to labels and other inboxes, it is possible all your contacts are not showed. Using this label, you can move the chat window to the Right hand side which is totally an empty space to have an extended look at your chat contacts on Gmail.

Right Side Chat

So these were our must have 5 labs for Gmail. Do let us know how you find them, or if you find any other Lab as useful in the section below You can also Tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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