5 Great Tips To Get Super Fast & Reliable Wi-Fi Connectivity

How many of you face internet connectivity issues on day to day basis. The reason behind this can be many, but one of the most common problem is your wireless router. Many times it happens that the connectivity of your computer from router breaks and you try to connect it again and again. It’s frustrating, and annoying. Here I am collecting few tips which really help you to solve your Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Check them out:

1) Location of router

Many times it happens that you get a very good connection near your router but when you move away from the router, connectivity reduces because of affective range of router. To get rid of this problem, you can place your router at the center location of your home so that every part of home get equal and strong signal.

2) Use N router

802.11n router is a new kind of router which offers super fast connectivity and increased range. Most common router is 812.11g router.

3) Wi-Fi range extender

Instead of changing the location of router or using N router, you can go for range extender. This device extends range of wireless router and also finds the location for best wireless reception.


4) Avoid Wireless Interference

Microwave frequency range is 1 to 40 Ghz and router frequency range comes in microwave frequency range. Chances of interference and low signal reception are high when you use both the devices at the same time. To get rid of this problem, either place both of these devices at an adequate distance, and avoid using both the devices simultaneously.

5) Use Updated Wi-Fi Device Drivers

Old device drivers cause issues in the functionality of hardware. You might not get the best speed with the old, outdated driver. Go to Start –> Run. Type compmgmt in the run box. Computer Management window will open. On left pane, click on ‘Device Manger’. On right click on Network adapters –> Intel(R) PRO/Wireless XXXXXXX Network Connection. Right click on it and select “Update Driver Software”. It will update the driver if it is not updated.


So these are the tips. You can also make use reflector near router, use antenna for better reception or add internal network card for better reception of signal and faster speed. Do you have any other point to add? Mention it in the comments.

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