5 Interesting Gestures to help you Navigate your iPad Better on iOS 7

I have been critical of how iOS 7 works on iPad for a while. The OS for some reason looks like it has been blown up for larger screen of iPad rather than taking advantage of all that estate. However, take nothing away, iOS 7 does bring a couple of really cool features to table for the iPad as well. None more so than some gestures that really help getting around things a breeze. Here are five that you may actually find very useful when navigating around your iPad.


1) In Safari a simple swipe from left to right will take you to the previous page. This is very useful when you are Google searching for a particular topic. You can swipe from right to left to trigger forward commend. Obviously, if you do not have history of visiting page, these swipes will do nothing.

2) Double clicking the home button open the multi tasking bar. Here you can place your three fingers at the three apps and simply swipe the three fingers upwards. This will close all the three apps simultaneously.

3) When you are in Mail app, you can swipe from Right or Left to bring up options where you can either Delete, Archive or have an option of several other actions with mail.

4) You can also swipe from left or right when inside notification center to toggle between three panes which are Today, Missed and All.

5) A simple swipe down from the top of your springboard opens the spotlight search. This is a rather simple one, but one that plenty of people have not found about.

We hope these few gestures would help your experience smoother and save plenty of time. If you also have any special gestures you like, do let us know in the section below.

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