5 Main Differences Between Established Blogger And a Newbie Blogger

Established bloggers are those persons who are an owner of a established blogs.  These established blog have better ranking in search engines. Established blogs always get lots of exposure through social media. Whereas newbie bloggers are those who just started their carrier with a new blog . They always struggle to make a brand name and get exposure from the outer world.

Each blogger face newbie phase in his life. The newbie phase is always dark for most of the bloggers, they always struggle for traffic and comments on their blog. They always try to find various tricks to bring traffic on their blog. I am a person who had a work experience of both the newbie and established blog. I have done many freelance projects for established blog and saw a difference clearly. Here I am mentioning few points which I have experienced while working on established and a new blogs.

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1. More Exposure

Established bloggers never struggle for traffic, they have huge fan following and already build community on their blog. Every post of any quality get a huge exposure and they get read many times. While the story of newbie blog is just opposite, bloggers every time struggle for traffic. They try to find different tactics to bring traffic on their blog.

2) Comment

Comment is very important for any blog. It is also necessary for building community near a blog to get huge exposure. Established bloggers always get huge exposure and other’s comments also. People don’t mind to leave comment on the high traffic blog. Whereas new blogs always struggle for a single comment on their blog. Newbie blogger adopt a habit of leaving comments on others blog so that they can get more comment in reply.

3) More Trust

Trust or brand name is a property of established blogs. People rarely doubt on ability of established blog. People easily except the recommended brand by established blogs . This is a helpful phenomenon for affiliate marketing. While newbie blog never build that much amount of trust on their blog.

4) Better ranking

Established blogs never struggle for Alexa or search engine ranking because both of them are better in this case. While newbie blogger always check their stats by various tools to know the current traffic and alexa rank. They are always curious to make their ranking better.

5) More Retweets

This is a common thing I have experienced in established blogs. They get more RTs on their every post. I experienced blogs such as Problogger, Mashable or Techcrunch immediately get hundreds of RTs after publishing the post. While the newbie blogger struggled to get a single RTs.


Every blogger face a stage of newbie so don’t need to worry about anything, starting of blog need lots of struggle. Starting need promotion. Try to write regularly on your blog and leave comments on other post. Any blog need at least six months to get required exposure.  Also adopt some killer marketing strategies to market your post very effectively. Write attractive articles to bring more visitors on your blog. Join Retweet club for getting immediate RTs.

Now its your turn. Do you face any of above mentioned situations on your blog. What is your thinking on the above mentioned topic. Feel free to start a discussion on a comment section.

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14 Responses

  1. Its really NEWBIE motivating post..This post shows struggles of newbie in different stages of blogosphere.
    Nice tip… 🙂

  2. Internet is full of useful blog and interestingly more and more blogger coming here everyday. That’s why getting traffic become tougher and tougher for new blogger but if they use good tactic and give their time on their blog then it’s not so much hard to get a brand name.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Simple Trick To Test New Google Search Page =-.

  3. A very nice post. From your point, I have to accept that I am a newbie, because my blog is too new and I don’t have any loyal followers and good traffic and good Alexa Ranking. But life is long, I still get much time to promote my blog, right?
    As I am not an expert, I am just a normal Chinese guy who can speak a little English. But I believe that in two or three year, my blog will do much better.
    .-= clarky´s last blog ..How to determine your site’s keywords? =-.

  4. It’s true and always true for every works aside blogging. Once having a good online reputation, blogging experiences, relationship with other bloggers, our blog can grow significantly. However, it’s damn hard on the beginning but I love this truth. Why? Because it kicks out blogger who is neither serious in blogging nor consistent and persistent and only one who definitely love blogging win.
    .-= Phaoloo´s last blog ..3 Essential Tricks To Do With StumbleUpon Toolbar You Might Not Know =-.

  5. great post, every blog has to go through the newbe phaze but then established blogs too can’t afford to relax, the blogosphere is very competitive…

    but its great to have a popular blog, the work becomes lot easier when your blog is famous i mean, more retweets, more diggs and facebook share… its easy to increase traffic further when you already have loads of visitors 😀
    .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..Free Google Wave Invitations Giveaways – Get yours now =-.

  6. There is always a difference between newbie and well established blogger, but never underestimate a newbie because if he will be able to write unique and killer articles then he will be able to get the traffic and get his continuous readers.
    .-= Vivek´s last blog ..What Type of Blogger You Are: Part Time Blogger or Full Time Blogger =-.

  7. Well written…………. Its really a struggle for a new blogger to get traffic……..
    initially I hardly used to get traffic but of lately my traffic has improved a lot and also the alexa ranking……………. 🙂
    .-= Sandesh Mascarenhas´s last blog ..Scan files and folders for virus online with viruschief =-.

  8. More Retweets and more people submitting your stories to social sharing sites!!!!

    And people suggesting your site through the word of mouth.
    .-= latestphonereviews´s last blog ..Logitec Bluetooth Earphones =-.

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