5 Must Have Accessories For Your iPad

This is a post with a difference. I have often been asked, why do we give all the importance in the world to the software and games and such on our site and why is there so little written about the hardware since they are just as important and just as big a reason for picking up a tech toy as the OS it is running or the RAM it sports or the memory on board. So, I decided to start covering a little bit of hardware stuff with you guys and we shall start with our most favorite gadget on site, ipad2 which is a product of absolute beauty, so here are my pick for a must have 5 accessories for iPad that can be easily picked at any apple store or your nearest tech selling store.


1) Smart Covers

Smart covers are an absolute must in my opinion. Like Steve jobs said at the launch of iPad 2 that they worked themselves off in creating the beautiful design of iPad and then let a case cover it all, it was rather pointless, so smart covers, do a great job of covering your device as well as letting the world see the beautiful product of engineering it is. The cover can also be used as a reading stand, and the fact that it is available in multiple colors only adds to the fact that is is a must buy.

2) Screen Protector

Screen protectors are really essential to keep your iPad scratch free. We use iPads primarily to write on or read or even play occasional games. Games like fruit ninja are really taxing on the screen as they really invite plenty of scratches, which certainly you would not like to see this out of world pretty device get. I would suggest also getting an anti glare screen protector for that little extra protection. Also, once you have a good screen protector, it is advisable to get a professional to put it for you as you just might invite unnecessary bubbles.

3) Capacitive Stylus

Yes, I know that stylus are a thing of gone by days however, when you are using your iPad for taking quick notes or even doodling your favorite graphics, a capacitive stylus is extremely handy. These are not very commonly available in stores so you might want to check out some online stores, especially the likes of eBay to pick one. Trust me, once you have one, you would realize how much more can your iPad do.

4) An HDMI Out

The legendary iPad battery makes it the best movie watching experience in the go. Plus with plenty of onboard memory means you can store a fair few movies and television sitcoms. Also iPads are great to carry your presentations, so an HDMI cable is a must for iPad so you can easily share everything on your iPad screen on a larger LCD disay. iPad is 100% mirror capable meaning, everything on your iPad can be displayed on the television. An HDMI cable is pretty easily available in the apple stores, or you can also check back at some of the online stores for this accessory.

5) A Good Pair of Headphones

A major draw back of iPad packaging is that it ships with no head phones. This was a rather glaring miss from apple as we definitely expected the white headphones from them, however, they are not included, so getting a good pair of headphones is absolutely necessary to feed your multimedia hunger even though the speakers on your iPad 2 are much better than those on iPad 1. I would highly recommend getting one of the headphones with string base like either from Bose or Sony or seinheisser or even skull candy. They are slightly expensive, but definitely take the experience on another level, as an alternative, you old also get a docking station if you are a family man and wish to listen to music with your whole family.

So these were my five absolutely must have accessories for iPad and ones that are really essential to take full advantages of the capabilities of your iPad. Do you agree with me??? What are the accessories that you have bought for your iPad, do let us know.

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