5 Reasons iOS Fans do not need to panic after iOS 7 Release

As the 24th Edition of the WWDC kicked off yesterday in San Francisco, Apple has pretty much dominated a large space at every known and unknown tech blog. This is largely down to a very mixed reaction the latest iOS, iOS 7 has triggered. While most encouraged that it is a step in the right direction, various people have commented on it being way too loud and almost cartoonish. Some even went on to say, that Apple has simply copied the best from the world of Android, Web OS and daringly BlackBerry. So, as the internet is all rampant to prove that iOS 7 is already a failure, here are 5 reasons Apple fans do not need to panic just yet.

iOS 7

1) iOS 7 is still in Beta.

Yes, it is almost cringeworthy that everyone wants to jump the ship on what is clearly a Beta release, and unfinished with rough edges release. It is no surprise that test builds are not as smooth as the previous iOS 6, they are meant to be for testing purposes and error reporting. That is the whole point of Beta you know. If Apple knew they had hit the bulls eye, then iOS 7 would have been public yesterday. It is not, you can expect lots of little improvements in iOS 7 from now to the final release. And the eye for detail that Apple have always demonstrated makes me more than hopeful than ever.

2) This is Apple under Tim Cook

When Apple screwed up Maps, they wrote a letter of apology to their customers, can you imagine something like that happening in Steve Job’s tenure. No chance. But, this is Apple under Tim Cook. It’s a different animal, a lot more soft and a company that perhaps now listens to it’s customers more than ever. This outcry would definitely not have fallen on deaf ears and you can be assured that Ive and his team are back on the desk to try and make iOS 7 as smooth a transition as possible, no puns intended.

3) For whatever it is, iOS 7 makes jailbreaking redundant

More than most users on Apple devices were jailbreaking their devices for features such as quick toggle for settings and a better weather app, even ability to add infinite apps to folders. Apple has addressed all of those concerns. It’s like all the best tweaks from Cydia have been incorporated in iOS 7, so basically they have given users the features they have been asking for. No more is your device at potential risk because you jailbroke it to get a few tweaks here and there, because frankly unless you want to simply mod your device, there is no reason to jailbreak really.

4) Any Radical Change needs time to settle in

This point was best set in words by James Kendrick, a senior Tech writer for CNET in his this tweet:

iOS 7 Tweet


It is always a slow process towards acceptance that something that you have been so used to seeing for years is different now. Imagine living in the same house for years and one fine day you suddenly are asked to move to a new place, you will find it weird. It is natural. Haters will always need a reason to hate, so that is irrelevant. If iOS would have been released just yesterday and not been an update, you can bet, people would have had their jaws drop cause end of the day Apple have still done stuff nobody has done, which bring me to my last point.

5) All said and done, iOS has some Terrific Features

I am talking about little minute things such as preventing someone from accessing your data and wiping it off with a keen eye on security. For me, it is those little things which show that Apple is still a market leader, it still cares for it’s customers. Agreed there are some design consistencies on what otherwise is a very easy on eye UI, but my very first point that iOS 7 is still Beta takes care of that. And, what is more important is that iOS 7 has some good features that did not even get mention. Such as live icons for Clock and the ability to put news-stand in folders. How many Android versions have live icons? Oh wait, none.

So, basically it is no time for panic buttons just yet. One must understand that Apple at the end of the day is run by humans, and they will slip and when such a monumental update does come out, it takes time to wear on people. So, for all those Apple lovers, you need to calm down and do not need to return the abuse you are getting, cause hey, remember, if people are criticising because they know how long Apple has been way ahead of the pack, and this is their glory moment to try and show you down. I mean, nobody even bothers with it if you are nobody right.

PS: I am not an Apple fanboi, but these internet fights are getting on my nerves, why is it so difficult for everyone to just use whatever suits their needs and stop picking on someone for their choice, we all are allowed ours right?

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