5 Security Tips To Prevent Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Of late i have heard about lots of instances from people highlighting the fact that their Facebook account has been hacked. It is a pretty serious issue as your personal information can be used in a wrong way by the hackers. But there are simple practices that you can follow to protect your account from being hacked and make your Facebook account secure.

1) Enable HTTPS

HTTP sends everything you do in plain text that any one can read. So the information that you send is not safe. HTTPS is a secure connection. It encrypts and decrypts any web communication that a user sends and receives i.e. the data that you send can only be read by the recipient. You can enable HTTPS by going to your Account Settings and clicking on the Security tab. Here you can enable your secure browsing.

2) Beware of Chat Messages containing links

Now this is a very common mistake that people commit. You may get a chat message from a friend that will be something like this :


Now when you click on this link, it will open a window that will request for permission to access your Facebook chat. This particular rogue Facebook application requests permission to “Access Facebook Chat.” Allowing the application developer this access gives them permission to send chat messages to your friends.


The people receiving these messages will likely think the link is coming from a trusted friend. We have heard reports that these links lead to viruses and/or malware infestation.

3) Review Permissions For Third Party Apps

Whenever you grant permission to facebook apps, those permission will remain the same even if you are no longer using the app. It is safe to disable any app that you no longer use. Go here to disable the apps.

4) Activate Text and Email Message Notifications

Facebook gives you the option to receive text message and email notifications whenever you account is accessed from a device other than your primary computer or mobile device. This not only helps you to find out if someone else is trying to access your Facebook profile but you can also activate you computer and mobile device as approved access points. You can go to Account Settings –> Security to activate this.

5) Don’t Use Facebook For Your Private Emails

Always keep a separate Email account for your private messages. Things like your bank details, PayPal or AdSense details should not be sent on your Facebook emails. If your Facebook account is hacked, this details will easily be accessible to the hacker. Also use distinct passwords for every email id. Make sure to avoid redundancy in your passwords.

These are some of the basic tips to prevent your Facebook account from hackers. Was this guide helpful? Do you have any more suggestions ? If so, please let us know in the comment section below.

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