5 Smart Features of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

The world is not just about iOS and Android, OS like Windows phone 7.5 are really cool and today we discuss what’s good in them and major improvements over Windows phone 7.


  1. Windows phone 7.5 is pretty smooth and quick to use. In a word it can be termed as “slick”. It’s very fast and responsive. The transitions and applications take no time and even with a single core processor the devices do pretty well.
  2. Multitasking is also easy on Mango. You can easily switch between apps in no time. Holding the back button brings out the recently used apps at the point you left them, so you can tap one of these and go back to where you left them.
  3. IE 9 has been incorporated in Mango and it really takes the web browsing experience to another level. In earlier versions on Windows phone the web browsing wasn’t that good, but now it really feels snappy.
  4. Voice reorganization feature is also available on Mango. It may not be as good as iPhone 4S Siri, but it’s pretty handy and can carry out day to day work. Dictating messages is quick and accurate. Searching can also be carried out and you can also ask the app to make calls for you just like Siri.
  5. Bing search can be carried out on Mango phones and although in Windows phone 7 the results were not up to the mark but now it is pretty accurate and can be used as a search alternative. Features like music can be used to identify the songs playing in the background.

All such features Windows phone 7.5 Mango a pretty well constructed OS. The number of apps might not be as great as iOS and Android but they are growing and Microsoft is really putting a lot of effort in Windows Phone.

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