5 Things That We Hate About iPhone

Even the most successful smartphone is not without it’s fair share of criticism and drawbacks. We bring out the reasons why people sometimes are forced to hate the iPhone despite it  arguably being the most amazing device ever produced.

1. Presence of a dormant bluetooth

In this age of sharing and transferring images, files, music from one device to another, people still don’t get it why an iPhone is so stubborn when it comes to transferring and receiving data to and from other devices. It is almost every second or third day that you might like a wallpaper or ringtone on your buddy’s cellphone and might want it as well. But if you are carrying an iPhone around you might feel as helpless as a newborn kid. Now if its a common man who is unaware of jailbreaks and cool apps that power an iphone it bites him even harder as he thinks that he spent so much on a phone that can’t even transfer files via Bluetooth which is so common these days. Although some apps claim to be able to transfer files to other devices they never seem to work. It only works for transferring data between idevices. Now that’s killer attitude and users are hating it.

2. Over dependence on iTunes.

iTunes is the godfather of an iPhone. You want songs, videos, apps or create a backup, whatever the case iTunes is the hero. But you can’t depend so much on one software. When you are at a relatives house or somewhere else and you need to transfer some songs to your Phone or sync your phone you might not be able to do so if they don’t have iTunes installed in their machine. Sometimes you even need iTunes just to start your phone if it encounters a major problem and won’t power on. Now that’s bad.

3. Absence of ‘undo’ option in notes.

An amazing auto correct feature makes the simple notes app a hit but the absence of an  ‘undo’ option can be quite irritating at times. To aggravate the situation there is also nothing that asks you whether you want to save changes or not. Now if you have modified an existing note and want to get back the previous one, sorry to say but you are stuck. Now this happens even If you don’t press the done button. That’s strange and a problem.

4. Inability to play Flash videos

Political case or whatever, users bear the brunt of high level clashes. Probably the most famous drawback of an iPhone is its inability to play flash videos. It has been openly criticized and made fun of because of this shortcoming.

5. No inbuilt sharing option (in photos) to social networking sites

The worlds going social these days. Networking sites have become a part and parcel of our lives and almost eveything we do and achieve we like to share it with our friends and family over the net. So absence of a ‘share on facebook’ or ‘ share on twitter’ pinches.

But even with these shortcomings,  my personal view is- ‘ iPhone is great. Everyone should have one!’ Lets hope that these drawbacks won’t be seen in the upcoming versions which are coming up quite fast.

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