5 Tips For Using Blog Post Title Effectively

Title of blog post is an attention grabber. Anyone who visit your post, first look at the title of post. Title is not only important for reader perspective, but it also important for SEO perspective, so be specific while choosing a correct title for your post. Don’t do mistakes by writing title for search engines only. There are lot lot more other things than emphasizing on search engines. Don’t ignore Social media which is a good source of visitors or traffic on your blog. Social media visitors generally come from killer titles. There are various methods for selecting a killer title for blog post.


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1. Don’t use long Title

People generally use very long title for the post. They want to give every information in the title. This is a wrong way to write a title. The correct way is to make your title as simple as possible. Don’t try to make it so long. Title of up to 50 letters is considered as a good title.

2. Don’t make it too short

Short title is also not considered good. Try to tell about your article in sufficient words. But don’t try to minimize the title. Short title sometimes lose visitors attention. So try to make it good to read and attractive. Instead of using “Blogging tools” you can use “25 killer blogging tools for bloggers”.

3. Insert numbers

It is my personal experience that titles having number perform well in social media. If you are writing list post then try to give a number in a title. For example: 25 killer WordPress tips, 100 great WordPress plugins for Bloggers instead of using Great WordPress plugins for bloggers.

4. Use “How to” and “Guide” in Title

There is a heavy demand of “How to” articles on internet. People generally search information on Google. Their search starts from  “How to”. So if you are writing any tutorial then start your title from “How to”. Ex. How to install WordPress Manually.

5. Use Keywords In Title

Titles play a crucial role in SEO. So using keywords in a title of any post is a good practice for SEO. Try to use keyword in the starting of a title. It is probable that any visitors who search with the keyword will land out at your page through search engines.

These are some basic ideas of selecting a topic for blog post. Do you use these techniques to select a good title.

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9 Responses

  1. Point No. 3 “Inserting Numbers” is a new thing I learned from this article. I already had an idea about rest of the points, nyways a great article, useful tips, thanks for sharing.
    .-= Namit Gupta´s last blog ..Find Out Who Was Your First Follower On Twitter =-.

  2. Hey Himanshu, I was thinking about writing effective post titles a few days ago. I actually had a question regarding the fifth point you made–the comment about search engine friendly.

    What’s your take on using custom permalinks? I have always the same post slug/permalink as the post title, but I have also noticed some people doing things like:
    5 Tips for Using Blot Post Title Effectively –> /effective-blog-post-titles

    Was wondering what your take on that is and how effective it would be. I know it would be unnaturaly for the real readers, but do you think it is worth going that editted post slug/permalink structure for some extra SE traffic?
    .-= Static | ahnternet´s last blog ..2010 Goals For BloggersBB =-.

    • Changing permalinks with reducing slug is always a good SEO practice, its not against SEO as search engines like those permalinks which have minimum slugs. Very nice question, even I also sometimes ignore this point which is a common SEO mistake, next time I will take care of it.

      Permalink structure of %postname% is always considered better for search engine robots. But we can edit slug according to our choice.

  3. It also depends on from where you want most of traffic to come. If you trget Search Engines then get the most competitive keyword as the first word on the title. Else Social media write titles to get good CTR.

    I don’t know how many are like me. But I got tired of these LISTS 🙂
    .-= wiredcubes´s last blog ..MyFord Touch Driver Technology : Syncs almost everything =-.

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