5 Tweaks For iPhones On iOS 5 After You Jailbreak

We have been fairly impressed with the iOS 5 and what we have seen latest from the Cupertino based company. However, if only Apple could improve the notification center a little more. But that is a debate for another day. Recently Absinthe 2.0 was released that enabled us to jailbreak our iPhones or iPads running on iOS 5.1.1. If you still have not jailbroken, first and foremeost go ahead and do that. It is an extremely simple process, probably the easiest way of jailbreaking. All you have to do is download Absynthe from here to your PC, back up your data on iPhone, erase it all off, connect your phone and click on jailbreak after you run Absinthe on PC. It is as easy as it ever can be, so much that probably your grandmother would fancy doing it.

However, once you are done with jailbreaking the device and you do not have too much time to hang around and at most spare about a minute or two, we have a quick 5 tweaks that you must ad to your phone to enjoy the iPhone how it should be. So here are the 5 quick tweaks that you must have.

1. MxTube: Internet today is widely used for watching Youtube Videos but sadly we cannot save them to the device after playing them right from there. this problem can easily be solved as MxTube lets you download Youtube videos directly to your iDevice. For a more detailed review on MxTube, you can look up here.

2. SB Settings: Simply said SB Settings is the mother of all tweaks. It allows you to bring all the important toggles such as Wi-Fi switch or Edge Switch or even brightness control right by swiping across the status bar. A must have if you want to quickly chnge settings on your device.

3. Installous: How many of us do not love a free software? By no means am I saying that you should not pay for applications, we must, after all the developer must have put a lot of hardwork for it. But there are application we just want to try out and do not want permanently. For that you can download Installous which lets you have almost all the App Store application for free. To know how to go about installing Installous, here is a very detailed guide.

4. Zeppelin: Most of us are already bored of watching just Vodafone or Airtel or AT&T written on top left corner of our iPhones. Would it not be cool if we can put up some crazy logos there, like that of the Batman or even your favorite Telecom carrier. For that you must use Zeppelin. How to download this really fun tweak, you can visit here.

5. Barrel: Barrel is an interesting tweak that lets you change the transitions as you move from one page to another. It is a useful tweak if you are bored of the same old pattern when you swipe across the screen. A lot of us in our free time just keep swiping across the screen , so if you are one of those and are looking for a fun time pass, Barrel would add looks to your device.

So those were the quick five tweaks that you must have on your iPhone the moment you jailbreak it. You can explore the site around cause we have another 150+ tweaks already covered. For more tweaks and iPhone customizing do stay tuned.

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