5 Ways to Preserve Battery Life on Your Android Smartphone

We love our smartphones. In fact it has come to point for some of us that we feel uneasy when we are not physically holding our cell phones. We simply need to have them and constantly text our friends or update status on social network giants or simply listen to music or play games like angry birds or doodle jump around. We are addicted.

However, one thing that does not quiet support our level of addiction is the rather limited or poor battery life of smartphones. In an ideal world, a good phone would be the one that would give us at the very least a couple of days without having to search for power sockets. Since I am a die-hard Android user , here are 5 effective tips to preserve battery life on my nexus S 4G for longer than it by default was.


1) Flash a custom kernel: If you have a rooted device, this is the best possible way to conserve your battery and make it last longer than it was. I recently flashed cm7 on my device and found the battery performances were slightly better as compared to the default ROM. However, this could be a potentially dangerous procedure so unless you are an expert, do not go ahead with it since it requires you to play around with the booting files and you may terribly brick your device. For a list of custom kernels and ROMs available for your Android device do head over to www.xda-developers.com

2) Avoid using live wallpapers: We love the aesthetic beauty of our Android phones and nothing is better than the flash based wallpapers , be it the nexus lines or the beautiful galaxy or city life live wallpapers, they look really pretty but consume a lot of battery, so if need be do turn them off and choose a darker shade of static wallpaper. I found this trick extremely useful and today use a completely black background as my wallpaper.

3) Avoid Widgets as much as you can: Just like live wallpapers, widgets are a big selling point of android, it’s really cool to have live information on your desktop, however this requires continuous data transfer and usage and refreshing which drains the battery terribly on your device.

4) Under clock the phone: Once again this method is applicable to the rooted users. You can use a simple application such as set CPU to under clock your phone. It makes sure your processor runs slower, however under clocking a lot could cause your phone’s performance to dip rather drastically. But I suggest if your phone is using a higher end processor above 1Ghz , under clocking to about 800 MHz would not really affect you much. It helps to conserve the battery a fair bit.

5) Stop Auto sync: Auto sync is extremely battery consuming process. It basically looks to keep all your social networks up to date as soon as a network connection is detected, be it Edge or Wi-Fi. So to prevent this I suggest turning background data and disabling auto sync.

So, those were five ways to maximize the battery usage which were pretty uncommon. I am sure you must be well aware of some common tricks like reducing back light timer or brightness of the screen, using task killers, discharging the entire battery and charging back up, setting update intervals low and not using screen savers etc. Do let us know if the above tips were useful to you and if you could better the battery backup of your smart phone.

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