50 Commands to help you Extract More Information from Siri

Since the iPhone 4s, Apple has tried to make Siri a strong pillar in it’s revolution in the Mobile World. Some experts would tell you that Siri, despite being almost a 2 year old product is not perfect yet. It still feels a bit too mechanical and just doesnt seem to do enough, not yet at least. However, Siri did get a major upgrade in iOS 7 and that did satisfy a few of those who criticized the Personal Assistant.


What seems to be the biggest stumbling blog though is the fact that not a lot of people seem to know what Siri is actually capable of doing, which is actually a lot. And as a result, they simply ask things like what the weather is and never come back to use the application because they feel, that is pretty much all that Siri is capable of. To refute this notion, we have bought a video for you via PhoeBuff which outlines at least 50 such commands that Siri can be so useful for. Do go through the video, cause we are very sure, half of these you never even experimented with, and once you have done that, we bet you will be using Siri a lot more often.


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