52% Smartphones run Android

Google has now officially taken over more than half of the smartphone market. According to reports, Google’s Android OS now powers 52% of smart phones in the market beating rivals like Apple’s iOS and RIM’s Blackberry OS and Nokia’s Symbian OS with huge margin.

Considering the fact that Android’s share was 25.3% in Q3 2010, Android has doubled its market share in just a year and as it turns out Symbian OS is the biggest loser, losing out 20% of its share to settle currently at 2nd position with 16.9% market share. Apple’s iOS lost 1.6% share and is positioned 3rd with 15% market share. However, Apple’s drop could be related to the fact that they took 16 months to come up with the next version of iphone and a lot of consumers must have been waiting to get a new one. The only company which should bother about its market share is RIM, as its share went down by 4% to a mere 11%. RIM is significantly losing out market share inNorth America and server crashes isn’t helping it either.

It will be interesting to see how results are affected next year with the homecoming of Microsoft’s Windows phone 7 OS. The OS is attracting a lot of consumers and companies like Nokia who were loyal to Symbian have already made some cool Windows phone devices.

The results are an indication of growing popularity of Android, especially in Asian markets where iOS and RIM’s share is pretty low. Another reason for growing numbers of Android phones is due to the large amount of choices available to the consumers. More and more companies are associating themselves with Android and numbers are speaking for themselves.

What OS does your smartphone runs on?

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