6 Basic Things You Should Know About Blog

What is a Blog? This is a very basic question ask by newbie. This is a common question for those people who heard about blogs and its advantages. People generally heard from others that a person is making great amount of money from his blog. So just from curiosity they want to know about blog. So what really the blog is?

Blog is a combination of two terms Web+Log. Blog is just like a diary on which people write their thoughts in a chronological order. The older article goes downward and the newer article appear on the top.


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Types of blogs

There are many types of blog present. One can categorize blogs from niche blogs. One can write on various topics like Social media, cooking, bikes, WordPress, Medication, Technology, Web 2.0. etc. Blogs can also categorize as Text blog, Photo blog, Video Blog, Podcast blog etc.

Blog vs. Websites

Blogs are different from any normal website. The content of blog is published in a manner that old content get backward and newer content appear on the top whereas in Website there is a static homepage where lots of links appears. We can say that all blogs are websites but all websites are not blog. Blog content always rank higher in search engines because their content is updated so fast.

Formal or Informal

Blogs need not to be formal. It should be written in your own words. You are free to express your views on your blog. You can write article on any topic according to your choice. You can write any number of words or paragraphs. There is no restriction at all. But your article should attractive so that any blog visitor should find it attractive.

Advantage of Blogging

What would you get after writing an article on Blog. It sound stupid that a person is writing article on a blog and wasting time without any profit. Actually blogging has lots of advantages. Anyone can make money online, build his career, get exposure, learn lots of things, become a professional blogger after writing articles on blog.

What is effective blogging

One can do effective blogging by various methods. Choosing a correct blog platform, correct web hosting, market your post effectively and writing killer content easily increase visitors on blog. More the visitors on blog more the money you can make.

How to make money through Blogging

There are lots of ways through which you can make money online. Some of the best ways of making money online are Google ads on blog, Affiliate marketing, Writing for other blogs, freelancing, writing for newspaper and magazines etc.

There are lot of things you should know about blog. Just like Blogging platform, feedburner, marketing, domain name selection, Hosting services, sitemap, Gravatar, Plugins, Social media, Google analytics, SEO, Robot.txt, Favicon, themes, articles. These are some basic terms used in blogs and they are very important for any blogger to take care of these basic terms.

Blogging is a great career and lots of people select blogging as a career and become a professional blogger. What are your views for blogs and blogging. Is blogging is a medium of knowledge, entertainment or also source of making online money for you. Feel free to share your views. We appreciate your comments.

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