6 must Follow Blogging tips For Professional Bloggers

Blogging is always fun for those people who love to spend time on internet, who love to do lots of research and kill the time on internet (killing time should be constructive). But sometimes Blogging demands high discipline in a work. Blogging demands lots of input but it also demands output. The overall result of blogging depends on an output (the time you invest in researching should equal to time you write a blog post and marketing of the content).


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1. Complete your goals

Make a goal in your blogging career. These goals can be short time goal or long time goal. From short time goal I mean you should complete your daily task on time. Your daily task includes writing at least two blog posts on time and various freelancing activities. Long time goal means you should decide a goal for a month and complete it.

2. Write a blog post in advance

Remember your blogging excuses which prevent you to post daily on your blog. Never create a situation like this. Always write a post in advance. It will help you in the situation when you get no time to post on your blog. It may be your exam time or your tour to some foreign place.

3. Respect and reply your commentators

Always respect your blog commentators. Never get angry with any harsh comments. Blog commentators are your loyal readers. Try to obey their suggestions. Always demand for blog comments and try to reply them. This is a very nice practice to increase your readership.

4. Always show patience

Blogging demand lots of patience. Never give up blogging job when you are not earning too much or a single cent. Try to extract your mistakes. Consult with a big fish in your field (Bloggers always ready to give free suggestion to others). Try to give more time and dedication to your work. Success demands all these factors.

5. Make a Community

Community is a most required factor for any blog. Try to make a community of more than hundred people around your blog who takes part in the conversation on every blog post of your blog. You can make community by commenting on others blogs. Talking and discussion with other bloggers on an instant messenger (Gtalk, Skype or Yahoo).

6. Join Retweet club

Retweet club is a new concept by Daniel Scooco of Dailyblogtips. It brings hundred of Retweets to your any killer blog post. Although Daniel’s Retweet club is full, you can join Retweet club by Harsh Agarwal of Shoutmeloud. But remember that your Twitter profile should strong enough to fulfill criteria of Retweet club.

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  1. Good points, having a good community should certainly improve thy blogs performance.
    .-= Internet Tomorrow´s last blog ..2012 End Of The World? No Says NASA. =-.

  2. that are very nice points
    .-= Muhammmad Qasim´s last blog ..Listen to Any Website Text Content with Internet Text Speaker =-.

  3. This is really a better collection on Blogging tips which should be followed by anyone. Joining a retweet club brings a lot of amount of traffic.
    .-= Vivek´s last blog ..10 WordPress Plugins Used For Managing Google Adsense =-.

  4. every blogger should join ReTweet club….i have an intuition that it will make a difference
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..5 Most Common Misconceptions About Blogging =-.

  5. I think we should make more club like Retweet club such as Stumble club, Vote club. Everyone joins this club may make most out of it.
    .-= Phaoloo´s last blog ..20 Tools To Repair Common Files On Your Computer =-.

    • Nice idea, but the main problem is who will take the initiative first? A strong networking profile is required to make such a club. Apart of all the most important thing is how anyone stop vote spamming and who will monitor the club, it really need time and effort to make and maintain such club.

  6. I like the concept of ReTweet club. But I believe there are many other ways to get traffic than twitter.
    Twitter as a broadcaster is good. But as a content marketing tool I hate.

    I agree with the remaining tips though.
    .-= latestphonereviews´s last blog ..Control your robot with iPhone using Walky =-.

  7. Scheduling blog posts can be a really good excercise. It not only assures you that your blog would be constantly updated but also at times when you are held up with some other work, you would still have new posts on your blog.

    I’m not quite sure about these retweet clubs. Isn’t it similar to spamming.. only mass spamming in this case. I mean the sole purpose of members would be to retweet stuff even if they do not like it, that’s not healthy!
    .-= Nischal Shetty´s last blog ..ShopperTalk – twitter for shoppers =-.

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