6 Important Points To Remember Before Making A Unique Blog

Blog brings lots of competition from different niche blogs. One need to be unique in all the way of delivering the contents. Many bloggers play affiliate marketing games on their blog, but affiliate marketing is not just recommendation of products. Why any visitor believe in you and buy any product by your recommendations. He must find something useful and trustful so that you can make them buy products. Here I am mentioning five things which is very necessary to make a unique blog.

1) Unique content

Content should be unique and different. I am not saying that topic should differ but whatever you write should explain that you write worthy and useful things on your blog.

2) List post

List post is a very unique method to attract visitors on your blog. Try making list of various tools and various techniques which are useful to your visitors. Try to influence them with top 10 list or top 20 list. People love various information on the same place.

3) Niche Blogging

The main advantage of niche blogging is regular and loyal visitors. People love to visit your blog again and again. Also they don’t mind subscribing your blog for regular feed update.

4) Post regular

People like those blog which update on regular basis and vice versa. So if you are running a successful blog, you should make a proper draft of post so that whenever you become busy you shouldn’t run out of post.

5) Marketing

Marketing is very very necessary thing for success of any business. Don’t ever think that whenever you write any good thing people visit you. If you don’t do proper marketing then you will be fail in your niche. It doesn’t matter how much good you write on your niche.

6) Don’t promote too much

Affiliate marketing is a nice target of niche blogger but don’t do anything on excess. People don’t like too much crowd of ads on your blogs. Try to become an invisible marketer. Try to monetize your most traffic page. Monetizing most traffic page means try to get more and more ads on those pages which get maximum visits.

These are some great way of making a unique blog. Unique niche and unique content are the pillar of any successful blog. Try to fulfill these two criteria. Rest of all depends on practice. Be positive, try to explore your blog and always learn from your competitors.

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10 Responses

  1. niche blogging is the key here…if you will blog about various various topics, it won’t be good…be specific and success will reach for you
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..5 Important Things for a Part Time Serious Blogger =-.

  2. one of the first and most important aspect of blogging is niche of blog, then comes its design, then after the killer posts/unique content will help you in making a good blog.
    For affiliate marketing it totally depends on the blog niche and the amount of traffic the blog receives.
    Can you suggest me some better affiliate marketing sites where i can apply and earn a handsome amount of money?

  3. I love niche blogging. If you write too much on many thing then you will end up with nothing. Well all your tips are great and thanks for sharing.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Switch To Any Network Setting Easily With NCSwitch =-.

  4. Everyone always talks about one niche for the blog, but i wonder how Amit Bhawani got success with so many topics on his blog :O
    .-= loveish´s last blog ..Wordpress Gets Recycle Bin In Its New Version =-.

    • I believe niche blogging is not a must for success. Its about how well you update and cover the topics you have selected more important than any thing else.

      Cutting down to a narrow niche will just build focus. No problems with SEO, SMO or any thing!!!!
      .-= latestphonereviews´s last blog ..Why is Nexus One sold as unlocked? The Google’s strategy =-.

  5. All the points mentioned above are 100% correct, but, I strongly believe using for fun related articles quite often would help your reader relax a bit. I feel there should be another point Named “Fun Stuff” in this list.

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