6 Impressive Ways You Can Use Your Blog

Blog is a nice medium to express all your knowledge and emotions. You can use your blog in many ways. You can use it to tell stories or you can tell the reality to people. You can use your blog as a medium to boost your business as well as making lots of money. You can use it to deliver information for your blog visitors. You can make any type of blog according to your choice. You can make any humorous blog or  any sports blog. Its totally depend on your interest and choice. Here I am mentioning 6 impressive ways you can use your blog to make it a killer medium to deliver your thoughts:

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1) Personal Blog

Blog is a medium to tell different things to the visitors of blog. Blog is a perfect way to express all your emotions to the people around the world. If you are planning to make a diary which is open to all than blog is a perfect medium to do so. You can write on your blog in a chronological order. You can write all the happenings of your life. These days there are lots of celebrities like Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan who write their all the important activities on Blogs.

2) Write about your hobby

Every person has a particular hobby. It’s either listening to music, watching movies, playing basketball or cricket or doing some adventurous activities. You can write about your hobby on your blog. Suppose if you are a music lover and you are a fan of Avril or Michael Jackson then you can write about your favorite stars or favorite music you want to listen.

3) Delivering Breaking News

People love reading blogs for news updates. Also search engines such as Google and Yahoo love those blogs which update very often. Giving all the important news through your blog is a very nice way to increase search engine traffic on your blog. You can give news of any kind. It’s either related to politics, country specific news or giving news on some topics like technology, Web 2.0, sports news, Hollywood news, Bollywood news etc. Techcrunch, Readwriteweb, Gizmodo are some famous blogs which deliver breaking news.

4) Niche Blogging (Providing Information)

Niche blogging means providing information on a particular topic. You can give information on a particular topic like Blogging, Technology, politics, news, movies, music, Medical, Apple, Nokia or any topic you like. You can use your blog just as a newspaper which provides important update to the people. Blogging is also a journalism where people share information with blog visitors. Problogger is a great example of niche blogging.

5) Making Money Online

Blog is a perfect way of making money online. One can make a small to very huge amount of money from his blog.  Amount of money people making  totally depend on the person’s hard work. You can make money in many  ways, some of the favorite ways are: advertisement programs, direct advertisement, blogging for companies, writing for newspapers and magazines, affiliate marketing etc.

6) Portfolio Blog

Portfolio blog is a type of personal blog which is use to boost the online business. There are many web designers who make this kind of blog to increase the work exposure. They fetch all the details of clients on their blog. Also they show the example of their work on blog. Suppose if the blogger is a designer then he make a very appealing design for his blog. Here is a list of 10 impressive portfolio blogs.

So these are the great ways you can use your blog. So blog is also a medium to boost your business. Blogs are revolutionary medium to express your views. Blog is ready to take place of print media. More and more people are willing to read blogs because of its originality and ease of providing feedback. What is your way to use your blog? Express your view in comment section.

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4 Responses

  1. I love niche blogging because I can’t cover everything. I just trying to be a niche blogger.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..HTC HD2 Introduced In India =-.

  2. I started out my blog for personal only, but I have branched out to WordPress, Thesis theme, blog tips and tricks and then also free downloads. I have only recently started to make some decent money.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Serious Monday Roundup #22 =-.

  3. I love blogging. According to me blogging is the best way to express our feelings. I use to deliver information for my blog visitors. There is no one who is my real friend so I share my all feelings, knowledge and emotions on my diary. Unfortunately one day i lost my diary due to too much rush a my home because of marriage, i felt very sad , i didn’t eat anything for this mistake.
    One day I saw a boy in cybercafe who was creating his blog. He told me everything about blog.
    I start bogging instead of writing a diary. Now i don’t have to care about my diary.

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