6 New Features of Android 3.1 Honeycomb

One major announcement made by Google in its developers conference was the update to 3.1 for Honeycomb. So what exactly has changed in the version 3.1? Has Google finally got its head around some of the major glaring problems with the 3.0 version? Here I present all those good about the new 3.1 version.


· Apps get an update: Some of the commonly used applications have been greatly updated in 3.1. Most notably, the web browser is now updated and now lets you view the opened windows and tabs. The gallery app now supports transfer of photos from a camera or phone over the USB. The Email App has been formatted to save battery life and be more functional. The music app also supports Music Beta by Google in selected countries.

· USB Capabilities: 3.1 has added support for various USB devices such as keyboard mice and game controllers. This means that now you can use your favorite playstation controllers for games over on your tablet too.

· Resizable widgets: One thing we loved about third party launchers such as Launcher pro etc on mobile devices is its ability to resize the widget according to the screen space. This feature has now been enabled in 3.1 by Google by default. You can now change the dimensions of your homescreen widgets as you feel like both horizontally and vertically.

· Recent Apps changes: One of the good things about 3.0 was its ability to list the currently running applications or just recently closed ones. This has been now enhanced by Google in 3.1 with the list now far more detailed and containing more applications.

· Wi-Fi improvements: Wi-Fi has been considerably improved on 3.1. you can now configure an HTTP proxy for individual Wi-Fi access points by tapping and holding the access point in the settings menu. Also new options for power saver mode are available. With cloud computing obviously a major development now, it is no wonder to see that Google has made a great effort to enhance its Wi-Fi options.

· User Interface: a lot of applications have undergone minor tweaks with colors and a few things here and there changing. This definitely has made the overall experience far snappier and eye pleasing.

Overall some great enhancements by Google in 3.1 and an update you must get on all your honeycomb running tablets. For a full change log, please visit Android Developer.

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