6 Tips For Faster Computing

The main reason why technology is such a gift and why we happily embrace it is because it speeds up the rate of doing our job. It isn’t supposed to slow us down. So if you park yourself in front of your computer screen and consume extra hours to do a job that can be done in a lesser time then you are not in an ideal situation. So here we give you some tricks to speed up your computer and also to enable you to work faster on it.


1. Shrink your photos

Considering the ongoing mad race prevalent in the Tech world to provide the best image and video quality the megapixel count has reached staggering figures. Scanned images, digital cams and even the cell phone clicked images nowadays consume astonishing amount of disk space. These files not only are bulky but also it’s quite annoying if we want to send a set of them to someone. So we should manage the clicked images and videos folder wisely. Compressing it using rar is quite common and effective. A new alternative of reducing them to manageable sizes can be learnt by visiting makemythumbnail.com.

2. Get rid of bloatware

These are the items associated with software you’ve uninstalled. These remains of software are quite capable of devouring useful space of your disk. So get rid of them. Tweaknow.com is quite handy for this purpose.

3. Use keyboard shortcuts

There is more to the keyboard than meets the eye. This is because there are countless shortcuts available and if you learn to use them you are in business. Proper command over keyboard shortcuts can even allow you to use your computer and browse mouse free. It can save invaluable time and you can complete your job faster.

4. Clear cookies and cache regularly

Small chunks of information gets stored from the sites we visit daily. This may pile up and tend to slow down the computer and browsing speed. So periodic cleaning up of the Internet history and cache is quite beneficial.

5. Decipher and fix the error messages as soon as possible

It’s better to get rid of those annoying pop ups that sometimes occur due to some missing files or system problems. Neglecting them  and postponing their cure for a future date is unwise. Search the net for the error message you receive and deal with it if possible. Less errors means faster machine and faster work.

6. Get an external storage device

An external hard disk is a must nowadays. Considering the amount of data we deal with nowadays the burden on the internal disk is enormous. So if we can transfer the less used data to the external storage device the internal disk will be relieved. This will result in faster searches of data stored and smoother browsing.

Hope these tips help you in improving your browsing experience and also make your computer more fun to use with lesser lags and delays. If you come across more simpler tips feel free to share it with us.

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