6 Ultimate Benefits of Blogging partner

Previously on Blogtechnika I wrote an article Do you really need a blog partner where I mentioned both the sides of a coin, but I feel that life didn’t always  get sucked with blog partner, it is beneficial for you to have a blogging partner. Here from Blogging partner I don’t mean emphasize on business partner. A partner could be a business partner or your any good friend from who you can discuss all the aspects of Blogging.There are lots of benefits of Blog partner:


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Work Sharing

Blogging is all about learning things. If you have a  blog partner then you can share each other experience of blogging in a chat or in a meeting. You can share all your good and bad experiences. It will help you to know too many things in less time.


Sometimes bloggers face bad time. They either face bloggers block or
they get depressed by harsh criticism through different comments on a blog. Blog partner is a greatest source of inspiration or helping hand at that time.

Helping hand

This is really important. Blog partner may be a big helping hand on your
bad time. He may support you financially or mentally if you need them. You can share you problem and you may get the possible solution.


Two are better than one, you can make a deal with your blog partner to help promoting each other’s product. You may tweet each other’s nice articles or
share it on various social media websites.

Exchange of ability

Possibly that your blogging partner is good in design work,You may take their help to improve the design of blog and in exchange you can give your own expertise like writing an article on his blog or publishing banner of his design work on your own blog.


Suppose you are working in a team and you have two or three blog partners.You all have different ability field like one may expertise in Twitter, other in Blogging, third one is in designing. You can distribute all of your work in different segment. For ex. One member can give designing services to other blog, one can write the post on own blog and one can write a guest post on different part. This is a nice way to generate a huge traffic on your blog and making a heavy income through different services.

These are the best benefits of Blog partner, have you ever work in an environment of Blog partner. Feel free to share your views. If you like this blog never forget to subscribe to its feeds.

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  1. Hi Himanshu,
    This is the best way to get less stressed in the blogging.If you have any blog partner then you can get relief sometimes.Even new ideas and content and the social media networking can made easy.
    .-= Surender Sharma´s last blog ..Google Created Sitelinks of Technogati =-.

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