7.5% Android Phones are Running on Marshmallow Now

Google releases the distribution numbers monthly, giving everyone an idea of how much is the adoption rate of the latest Android version. This report basically tells you the percentage break of the Android versions that are running on the active Android phones. Google has been notorious for their update program where only the Nexus smartphones get the latest updates instantly while everyone else has to wait for their carrier and telecom service provider to come together. This usually means a slow rollout of updates and this has been no different for Android Marshmallow update.

Android version distribution

The update was released for Nexus phones in the last quarter of 2015, and we are already in 2016 and in the second quarter, with just 7.5% of the Android phones running the latest Android OS update. This is in stark contrast to Apple, where every time a major update drops the adoption is generally more than 50% within the next day.

The 7.5% is obviously a huge improvement to the older numbers where it was about 4.6% back in April. Other OS updates and their shares saw 20.1% phones running on JellyBean and KitKat on 32.5% devices, making it the second most popular Android version. The most popular version of Android was Android Lollipop, running on 35.6% active devices. The way Google calculates this number is by crossing the Android version of devices that accessed Google Play Store a week ending before May 2nd, so there is always a possibility that the numbers are a little lopsided.


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