7 best resources on blog comments strategy

Yesterday Ali (one of the blog reader) asked to write me a detailed article on blog comments strategy. While researching on the topic I found that there are already some great resources available on the internet. So quickly I bookmarked all the articles and make a great list. Hope you will like this list and implement it on your blog to get more and more traffic (Yes! blog commenting brings traffic to your blog). How? Just read these great articles.


10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog by Darren Rowse

Do You Have A Blog Commenting Strategy? by Caroline Middlebrook

Link Building Via Blog Comments by David Wallace

Is Commenting on Blogs a Smart Traffic Strategy? by Brian Clark

Sure Traffic By Implementing Comment Strategy by Rocky Garcia

Blog Comments as Strategy — 10 Tips Every Blogger Should Know by Hendry Lee

Why commenting is Very Important for Your Blog by Harsh Agrawal

Hope these resources are sufficient for you to understand blog commenting and marketing strategy behind blog commenting. I will try to write a detailed comment on blog comment strategy later on Blogtechnika. If you have any quiestions regarding blog comments feel free to ask in a comment section.

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  1. Hi Himanshu,
    Nice and most powerful collection of the posts.
    Topic of the Darren is really helpful to all the bloggers.

  2. I have always emphasize on Importance of commenting and still many bloggers try to avoid it. For any new blog commenting is like a life line and a blog with good no. of comments shows the authority.

  3. This list is really great (although you left out my post… jk). Many people don’t realize that bad comments can damage your blog more than good comments can help it.

    I have read 4/7 of those posts and I will be sure to read the rest.

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