7 Facebook tips for status update on Facebook wall

Apart from adding friend, liking friends updates, playing games there are something more which you can do with your Facebook account. Facebook is a great social media site which is emerging as an effective online marketing platform for potential blogging. There are many ways by which anyone can boost visitors, readers or subscribers of blog with the help of Facebook. Here are some Facebook tips from which users can update their status and increase their blog traffic unexpectedly.

1) Twitter: Twitter is a Facebook application made by Twitter . This application is my favourite because it synchronizes my Twitter account with my Facebook account. All twitter updates automatically display as a Facebook status on a Facebook wall. Users no need to login on Facebook. The main advantage of this application is without active on Facebook your friends


2) Social RSS: According to Social RSS “Social RSS enables users to populate their Facebook Page with information from their websites in the form of an RSS feed. The information could be about events, the latest news article or simply the company’s blog”.

Social RSS

3) Facebook Page: Facebook page is used for promoting a blog post by setting RSS feed. Existing Facebook users can become a fan of page. Every new feed appears on your fan page. Here is a link of creating Facebook page.

Facebook page

4) Networkedblogs: Networkedblog is a perfect application of Facebook to publish and promote blog feeds. According to NetworkedblogPromote your blog on Facebook and to discover new blogs. NetworkedBlogs is a community of bloggers and blog lovers. Join the fun, add your blog, and connect with others who read and write about subjects you like.” You can add different blogs on your network to stay connected with their feeds.

networked blogs

5) Simplaris Blogcast: Simplaris blogcast also pull your blog feed and users can able to publish feed directly from an application and publish it on a wall. According to Simplaris Blogcast “Simplaris Blogcast allows you to quickly and easily integrate an existing blog into facebook. If you have a blog, Simplaris Blogcast makes it simple to increase your visibility and share your content with all your friends on facebook”.

simplaris blogcast

6) Wordbook: Wordbook is a WordPress plugin which allows you to cross-post your blog posts to your Facebook Wall. Your Facebook “Boxes” tab will show your most recent blog posts.


7) Hellotxt: This application is not exactly made exclusively for Facebook. On Hellotxt user can update status on Facebook wall without login to Facebook. Users can also update status on other networking sites like Twitter, Linkedin, Bebo, Plurk, Myspace etc.


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  1. Hey Great post Himanshu and must say Facebook is a great marketing tool…
    Wordbook and hellotxt are completely new to me and I’m giving them a try ..Meanwhile one application which you forget to mention thats is facebook Notes.

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